Prime Minister Perry Christie: Help Save The Bays before Paradise is Lost!
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Prime Minister of our Beautiful Bahama Land!

Prime Minister Perry Christie: Help Save The Bays before Paradise is Lost!

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      The Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay

The Bahamas is lucky enough to have some of the Most Beautiful Waters on Earth. Our Bahamian Bays are beautiful, truly some of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders.

But one by one…throughout Our Beautiful Bahama Land…they are disappearing.

You can make it your Environmental Legacy to Help Save The Bays before Paradise is Lost!

The Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay and the Bahamian community call on Your Government to stop harmful development in The Bahamas.

Specifically we ask for positive action to protect against devastating threats to our marine environment and the marine life that depends on it.

1.  Pass an Environmental Protection Act.

2.  Establish a Marine Park at Clifton Bay so that Clifton Heritage Land site  and the Bay can be one unique protected Land and Sea Park for future generations of Bahamians and our guests to celebrate and enjoy. Marry our land and sea Heritage!

3.  Establish the West New Providence Marine Managed Area to protect New Providence’s unique and vital 7 Mile Coral Reef ecosystems.

4.  Protect our Crown Land and Sea Beds at Nygard Cay and enforce the Rule of Law. Please do not give away our land and sea and instead stop unregulated and harmful development impacts at the Cay.

5.  Stop oil spills and pass laws to make those who ruin our waters financially and criminally responsible!

6.  Pass Conchservation Laws to save our depleting national treasure from Extinction!

7.  Pass a Freedom of Information Act so that you put the Bahamian People In The Know; all true democracies throughout the world enjoy and prosper from this fundamental right.

Now is Your Time to Save The Bahamian Bays!!

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    • Edrica Horton NASSAU, BAHAMAS
      • about 5 hours ago

      I love my land and i would love for my kids to be able to see it

    • Sonja Mitchell WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND
      • about 18 hours ago

      This is a unique environment that deserves protection.Too often the wealthy, with the help of corrupt politicians, override the public interest for the sake of their self-interest.

    • estelle Silverstein UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, CA
      • about 21 hours ago

      Clean water and supporting healthy ecosystems is vital to us all

    • Shannon Blankinship JACKSONVILLE, FL
      • 4 days ago

      Destruction of anything natural and native on an island is a death sentence for the long term economy, species protection, and the land itself. Please protect our marine environment and all of those supported by it including those outside of the Bahamas.

      • 4 days ago

      It is important to me as it tells of the struggle and hardship that forefathers had to undergo. This history should not be allowed to be done away by an outsider or a Bahamian. This land is mine, God gave tis land to us. Let us protect it Bahamians.


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