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Prime Minister Key: condemn the Act Party over their defence of Crimp's racist slur

    1. Nathan Elvery
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      Nathan Elvery

      Melbourne, Australia

"All the white New Zealanders I've spoken to don't like the Maoris, the way they are full of crime and welfare."

I'm appalled and disgusted by the Act Party's major financial backer, Louis Crimp's comments to the Weekend Herald. And what's worse is to have one of our political parties actively defending this racist slur - the Act Party say they'll even continue to take his political donations.

I've had enough of politicians defending this kind of racism simply for political gain. The Act Party should be ashamed of themselves -- and the Prime Minister needs to condemn their behaviour immediately or risk being seen as standing with them.

Please sign my petition calling on Prime Minister John Key to condemn the Act Party over their defence of this racist abuse - and remove their MP from his Cabinet.

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