Bring Sanity Back To Government
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Bring Sanity Back To Government

    1. Scott  Davis
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      Scott Davis

      Edgmont, PA

We, the undersigned, call upon President Obama, Vice-President Biden
and all members of Congress to implement the following reforms:
Until the Federal budget is balanced and the national debt paid off:
1) No US Justice Department employees shall be authorized or lawfully
able to conduct, or be involved in, Federal prosecutions of ANYONE
who has not inflicted ACTUAL AND ACTIONABLE HARM on anyone else.
(This can be implemented immediately by Executive Order of the President,
or in the absence of any such order, by an Act of Congress.
2) No Federal statute shall be invoked to arrest or prosecute any
political candidate for any office, for any political act including
exercising First Amendment rights, or for any campaign finance
law violation. Neither shall the Federal Government be authorized
to prosecute any non-merchant or any non-corporate entity for
any tax violations. If the Federal Government consistently fails year
after year to get its own finances straight, how can it prosecute
others for the same failing in any fair and reasonable context?
3) Federal prosecutions shall be strictly limited to the following
categories of offenses and suspects:
a) Perpetrators of actual espionage against the United States.
b) Officials and others who violate the Constitutional rights of
individuals in ways which are harmful or substantially
distressing to the victims, or any Constitutional violations
inflicted in the context of prosecutorial fraud or
c) Violators of RICO statutes and co-conspirators.
d) Child traffickers and OCW traffickers.
e) All Federal, State, County/Parish/Judicial District
and municipal or quasi-governmental association
employees or paid agents suspected of corruption
or involvement in special interest rings.
f) Corporate profiteers.
g) Home-stealers, including those who act under
color of authority and conspiratorially.
h) Counterfeiters and purloiners of art and intellectual
2) By Executive Order of the President; or failing that,
by Act of Congress, the powers of the President to
grant pardons and reprieves shall extend to and include
State offenses; and shall extend beyond definably
statutory offenses and convictions to other Government
actions inflicted on citizens and lawful residents of the
United States.
3) Congress shall create a new Cabinet position, the
Office of Budget Restructuring.
The OBR and its subsidiary agencies shall be granted
maximum budgetary allowances by Congress, and
authorized to return all unspent funds to the US Treasury
and rewarded by statutory incentives for successfully
having done so. Moreover, any agency under the OBR
shall also be authorized to abolish itself at any time, or
scheduled for merger with other Federal agencies or
departments by law (abolished by merger). First on the
list of OBR agencies shall be the TSA and the US
Department of Education. The OBR shall be a means
by which Congress and the President can agree to
effectual line-item vetoes on spending which can
recapture revenue and lower the cost of Government
across the board.

President Obama, Congress:
Bring Sanity Back To Government

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    1. 33 Signatures, End Of March 2013.

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      From DEMAND PROGRESS: we see another Aaron Hillel Swartz petition:
      "Tens of thousands of people have used the White House's petition site to demand that President Obama fire Aaron Swartz's prosecutor Carmen Ortiz -- easily surpassing the 25,000 signature threshold that's supposed to guarantee a response. Aaron died more than two weeks ago, but the White House still hasn't even issued a statement.
      We've been waiting far too long. Help us demand answers from the White House. It's enough already: They need to respond to our calls.
      Aaron died more than two weeks ago. We want answers, Congress wants answers. Stop ignoring us!
      There's some good news to report: The House Oversight Committee has responded to our requests and is calling for a briefing on Aaron's prosecution from the Department of Justice.
      That's because what happened to Aaron looks far more like a persecution than a prosecution."
      Actually, the President should end ALL petty Federal prosecutions.

    2. 27 Signatures In The First 24 Hours.

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      This song is almost prophetic, when the sad story of Aaron Swartz
      is called to mind - but he died to protect the freedom of all Americans;
      indeed, the cause of freedom worldwide.
      We must not let his sacrifice be in vain. It is time to stand up to
      Fascism in America and to the coup d'etat artists in Government -
      and to get rid of the barnacles on the Ship of State.
      Please see the other petitions on the site
      PETITIONS to Restore the Constitution and the Rule of Law in the USA.
      Thank you.

      Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas

      The song Carry on Wayward Son with lyrics I am also taking requests! :)

    3. Reached 25 signatures


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    • Carlos Vianna SãO PAULO, BRAZIL
      • about 1 year ago


    • John W. Knapp LINCOLN, NE
      • about 1 year ago

      I want a gov for the people, by the people back. Needs to be for everybody, not something for sale to those who can afford lobbyists.

      It's WE THE PEOPLE, not they the rich folks. I am for healthcare that everybody can afford.

    • Van Smith BEDFORD, TX
      • about 1 year ago

      I believe in Voluntaryism. I believe in construction as opposed to destruction of our great Nation. I believe that this young man is a shining light and should be supported.

    • Scott Davis EDGMONT, PA
      • about 1 year ago

      Of course, the Deep@r +men+ 0f Ho0me|@nd $ecur !+ y would be right up there along with the US Department of Education for supervision by the Office of Budget Resturcturing. We can get Rick Perry to think of a few more, and Ron Paul to round out the list. Then the Federal Government can make some money (and save taxpayers a bundle) by renting out some unoccupied prime downtown Washington DC real estate, and some vacant buildings all the way from Washington to Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

    • Ben Dibell MESA, AZ
      • about 1 year ago

      57% of my new world order.


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