Premier Christy Clark & Mary Polak Minister of the Environment: Reverse SIA Contaminated Soil Dump Permit in Shawnigan Lake
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Premier of BC
Christy Clark
Minister of Health
Terry Lake
Minister of Mines
Bill Bennett
Provincial Health Officer
Dr Perry Kendall
Minister of the Environment
Mary Polak
Deputy Minister of Environment
Wes Shoemaker
Director Ministry of Enviroment
Jennifer McGuire

Premier Christy Clark & Mary Polak Minister of the Environment: Reverse SIA Contaminated Soil Dump Permit in Shawnigan Lake

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      Shawnigan Lake Residence Association

Stop the MOE's decision to allow South Island Aggregates to dump contaminated soil to be treated in the Shawnigan Lake Drinking Watershed. Protect the people of Shawnigan Lake and our families, our health, economy and quality of life. Use your power to overturn the permit.

Christy Clark, Premier of BC
Terry Lake, Minister of Health
Bill Bennett, Minister of Mines
Dr Perry Kendall, Provincial Health Officer
Mary Polak, Minister of the Environment
Wes Shoemaker, Deputy Minister of Environment
Jennifer McGuire, Director Ministry of Enviroment
Reverse SIA Contamianted Soil Dump Permit in Shawnigan Lake

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    2. Ministry of Enviroment Approves Dirty Soil Permit

      Today, despite overwhelming scientific evidence and community opposition, the MOE approved a contaminated soil dump for South Island Aggregates in the Shawnigan Drinking Watershed

      Please send a message to the Premier and Minister to have them overturn this decision which will impact the health, well-being, economy and quality of life in Shawnigan Lake.

      Government Issues Contaminated Soil Permit

      The Shawnigan Residents Association welcomes membership from anyone residing in the Shawnigan lake area. Membership is only $10 per year and you can join or renew online.

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    • Matthew Kemshaw VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • 14 days ago

      Good day.

      I would like to express my complete and utter consternation with the Ministry of Environment's decision to vary the stay order on Ministry file #105809. Our government's approval of the dumping of 100,000 tonnes/year of contaminated waste literally next door to Shawnigan Creek, Shawnigan Lake's largest feeder creak, is impossible for me to understand.

      In fact this decision completely baffles everyone, from every generation. Shawnigan Lake is a source of drinking water for almost 10,000 people!

      There are many alternative options for remediating toxic soils. When will the government hold the polluters accountable, and make them pay SIGNIFICANTLY for the poisons they leave behind. By providing a cheap option for these filthy rascals to dump their effluent we only promote more poisoning.

      I am sick with grief over this issue. I implore you to do something substantive to begin a new direction for the handling of toxic wastes in this Province.


      Matthew Kemshaw

      • 17 days ago

      To Honourable Mary Polak,

      When I was made aware of Bill 4 and the impact the Bill would have on the future of British Columbians I was astonished at the limited amount of information that has been released to the public. Why was there no public consultation? You would think with a Bill that has such significant implications you would want buy in from the voting public.

      No matter how this is spun it is a very bad idea! The very nature of what a Park is and will be forever compromised by what this Bill intends to do. A park is supposed to be pristine and natural. The thought of a pipeline, a cell phone tower, or other unnatural thing being…never mind constructed..the mere thought of these things being built in a Park, makes me one angry British Columbian.

      What is going to happen to our slogan, Beautiful British Columbia, when there is nothing beautiful left. Our government is constantly under attack by large organizations that want our resources. I agree that in order to be a prosperous province there needs to be a balance. But this tips the scale and is a dangerous slippery slope. The size of the park, the location of the park should not matter. The mere fact that it is designated as a Park, to me means that the Province has deemed the land and everything on it/in it worthy of our protection/ worthy of my tax dollars being used to protect it. I do not see a benefit in allowing industrial development on this type of protected land. Again once industrial development occurs there is no going back. The land, the water, the environment is forever changed.

      Once this gets out to a public at large, this will be in my view, political suicide. This Bill is not in anyones interests, besides large money hungry cooperations. I am not sure what the government has to gain by passing this Bill? Perhaps you can inform me?

      Please I beg you reconsider Bill 4 (the park amendment act) and protect our Parks.

      Thank-you for your time,

    • Janet Gamache VICTORIA, CANADA
      • 18 days ago

      The soil should not be transported from one region to another. It should be dealt with in the community of origin not made the problem of someone else.

      • 22 days ago

      Because 100% of organisms are reliant on clean water, this ignorant move by the SIA has a high potential of compromising this.

    • Derek Janssen CALGARY, CANADA
      • 22 days ago

      I go to shawnigan lake school and the lake is a part of my everday life. What's being dumped into it is disgusting


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