Impeach Tom Corbett
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People of Pennsylvania and Congress

Impeach Tom Corbett

    1. Scott  Davis
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      Scott Davis

      Edgmont, PA

I invite signers of the petition to provide their own reasons in the comments.

People of Pennsylvania and Congress
Impeach Tom Corbett

I invite signers of the petition to provide their own reasons in the comments.

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    1. 315 Signatures - BUT MANY MORE TRIED TO SIGN AND COULDN'T !

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      <> HILARIOUS COMMENTS on this petition - a unanimous thumbs-down so far! I suppose some of The Creep's office workers will be told to put some favorable comments on this, and to make sure this petition and others like it continue to be throttled. SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION! Thanks!

      Penn. governor's strategy of budget cuts and voter ID not working out so great

      There's a new poll out from Quinnipiac confirming that Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett is in deep trouble as he gets set to face re-election next year. Corbett trails the two leading Democrats in the race by ten and eight points. Fifty-two percent of respondents said Corbett d ...

    2. 303 signatures, as of April 18, 2013

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      Tom Corbett's malicious prosecutorial acts resulted in
      the senseless and unlawful destruction of thousands
      of songs like THIS:
      A signature to impeach Tom Corbett is:
      A vote for quality education and academic freedom;
      A vote for a cleaner environment;
      A vote for better justice in Pennsylvania
      A vote for quality culture and art
      A vote for the restoration of the Constitution
      of the United States of America.
      It is very likely that Governor Corbett will find himself
      in handcuffs any day now.
      We call upon all people of conscience who are
      now serving in the Corbett Administration
      to serve notice upon the Governor that they
      intend to resign their positions, as soon as possible,
      in support of the Constitution and the rule of law.
      (THIS update was published in April 2013. Since that time,
      many good people of conscience in the Corbett
      Administration have indeed resigned their positions.)

      Scott Davis-Hope

      HOPE . This song was written over many years - it is not only the story of a nation still held in high regard by many as the greatest on earth, but it is my story too, in many ways and maybe this is your story too. .


      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      As of March 10, 2013, this petition has been hung up at 283 signatures,
      while during the same period of time, ANOTHER petition to say no
      to the besotted Pennsylvania governor has accumulated about
      1,000 signatures. That's the petition to prevent Corbett from
      speaking at a commencement. We know that Corbett's
      fascist administration (which should be regarded by
      Republican bigwigs as an EMBARRASSMENT to
      the Republican party) has been behind multitudinous
      illegal First Amendment violations and other
      Constitutional infringements which are quite
      harmful to people all over the world. Here is
      a video about the silencing of Internet
      dissent sites generally. It is not only
      Federal renegades who are behind
      this silencing, but State government
      apparatchiks too - and courthouses
      and municipal governments as well.
      Copy and paste this petition after you sign it,
      so that you may share it with others.
      And please see this!

      Internet Censorship Alert! Alex Jones exposes agenda to 'blacklist' dissenting sites

      Internet Censorship Alert! Alex Jones exposes agenda to 'blacklist' dissenting sites - Alex Jones 2011


      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer
      cnn - missing d.a. ray gricar linked to jerry sandusky case? - damage control

      There may be a connection between the PSU scandal and the disappearance of the D.A. that investigated Sandusky in 1998.

    5. Reached 250 signatures
    6. 174 signatures and counting, January 11, 2013

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer


      VIDEO: Pennsylvanians Opposed to Fracking Speak Out to Gov. Corbett

      On Jan. 8, the Delaware Riverkeeper Network (DRN) presented Pennsylvania Gov. Corbett with more than 35 video messages from Pennsylvania residents opposed to shale gas drilling. The videos were collected and assembled by the DRN, and shown to Gov. Corbett by Delaware Riverkeeper Maya van Rossum during a State House meeting in Harrisburg, PA.

    7. Obstruction Of Justice And Corruption In Pennsylvania

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      This petition reached 100 signatures at 1:17 AM on 11/27/2012. Here are two links relevant to this petition. I hope you will be able to read at least one. <>.
      Here is the second: <>. It is not only in my interest, and those of my loved ones and those who know me and who know better than to ALWAYS believe Government, to work for swift justice on my own behalf, after a corrupt system left me in the lurch; but it is in the interest of AMERICA and the world that justice prevail now in the context of every unjust legal predicament I have faced. It is in the interest of others to stand up against deceitful and defective government in Pennsylvania for me, just as I have stood up for others and continue to do so. Solidarity, now more than ever, is the key to preserving what is left of democracy in America!!

      "Silent No More": A victim's tale of his abuse by Jerry Sandusky and Tom Corbett |

      by Bill Keisling Editor's note: The public and the press for the last year have spoken vaguely about a single state trooper, and a narcotics agent, involved in the Jerry Sandusky investigation. There were equally vague reports that Gov. Tom Corbett refused to properly investigate the case. "Tom didn't want to do it."

    8. Reached 100 signatures

      S D
      by S D
      Petition Organizer

      50 signatures within the first 3 days. <> - clearly shows the type of totalitarian, Constitution-shredding mindset of the out-of-control governor of Pennsylvania.


      State Attorney General and new Republican gubernatorial nominee Tom Corbett wants Twitter to appear as a grand jury witness for testimony about "alleged violations of the laws of Pennsylvania," according to a subpoena.

    10. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Peter Wargo PITTSBURGH, PA
      • 7 months ago

      Why wouldn't this ..whatever you wanna call em, be impeached?

    • T. Walker PGH., PA
      • 8 months ago

      This is the worst Governor in Pa.History! It is so obvious who he's in bed with! He doesn't even try to hide it! He HAS TO GO!

    • Frank schaeffer MOUNT JOY, PA
      • 9 months ago

      He is running this state back into the 1930s. He is full of hate and Pa don't want hate in our state.

    • Laura Fernandez PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • 10 months ago

      Tom Corbett gives away the Marcellus Shale while making schools and children lemonade stand their educations. He is a shameful, pitiful excuse for a governor, and should be removed so that Pennsylvanians don't have to fight for basic services while his cronies smoke cigars we bought with our health and quality of life for our children.

    • Brent Bonk SWOYERSVILLE, PA
      • 12 months ago

      Luzerne County Pa is Corruption County. WE THE PEOPLE, DEMAND, that these "wrong-doers" be removed, IMMEDIATELY!


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