support responsible contracting in Mansfield and at UConn
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People of Eastern Connecticut and the Greater UConn community

support responsible contracting in Mansfield and at UConn

    1. UConn Ad Hoc Faculty Committee for Workers Rights (Storrs, CT)
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      UConn Ad Hoc Faculty Committee for Workers Rights (Storrs, CT)

      Willimantic, CT

Given that the Department of Labor has uncovered a number of illegal labor practices at the Storrs Downtown site and at the University of Connecticut in recent years, we believe there is a need for stronger protections on behalf of building trades workers in Mansfield and the UConn campus.

Municipalities across the country have adopted “responsible contracting” ordinances to create equitable working conditions at publicly funded construction projects in their communities. In Connecticut alone, these laws exist in Danbury, Stamford, Killingly, Hartford, New Haven, New Britain, West Haven, and Middletown.

We are proposing a resonsible contracting ordinance for the Town of Mansfield and a responsible contracting policy for the University of Connecticut. These policies would work to guarantee a living wage, health benefits, apprenticeship training, anti-discrimination protections, and the hiring of local workers at publicly funded construction sites in the Town of Mansfield and on the University of Connecticut-Storrs campus.

Such measures would benefit not only the workers at these sites, but the community at large. They would help ensure that the money which taxpayers spend on public infrastructure stays in their communities. Taxpayer money would go to provide stable employment for local residents, who shop (and pay taxes) in our area.

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    • Robert Corriveau WATERFORD, CT
      • about 2 years ago

      High education is the way to a successful career in any field of work and well paying jobs. Responcible Contracting Ordinances require contractors working on public project to participate in Apprentice Training programs. When residents of a town have well pay jobs the money they spend in the community boost the local ecconomy. This is a win win for the Town, local businesses and young people looking for a career. I support Responsible Contracting.

    • Dwight Codr WILLIMANTIC, CT
      • about 2 years ago

      I'm for supporting Connecticut by hiring Connecticut citizens, protecting Connecticut workers, and making sure that Connecticut dollars get spent in the state of Connecticut.

    • anne gebelein NEW HAVEN, CT
      • about 2 years ago

      As a UConn employee, I care about the welfare of folks who are working for the benefit of the UConn and Mansfield community. If they work to better our community, they deserve our guarantee of fair labor practices. I also believe that locals should be given preference in these jobs b/c employing locals is how we maintain a stable, strong, economically vibrant community.


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