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Our Students Need Stability

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      stability for students

In the past six months, Santa Clara Unified School District has suffered a drastic loss of school and district leadership.   
Since the new Board members were elected, 6 school Principals in this District have resigned, a total of one-fourth turnover. Another 12 talented and respected administrators and staff have also resigned.
We are concerned about the instability this mass exodus of school leadership has created.  The unusually high rate of resignations points to deeper problems in the District culture that have been created by the current school board leadership. Ultimately a climate of instability and lack of solid leadership, from the school board, affects teacher morale and distracts from the important job of educating our children. 
On May 30th Trustee Michele Ryan stated to  NBC news "... its a small group of parents and staff who have created a controversy that has distracted from district business." And Trustee Chris Koltermann stated to NBC news. " ...administrator turnover is normal". 
Parents, staff and students asking for Stability for Students, want to point out to the 4 majority trustees (Koltermann, Bendis, Stampolis and Ryan), with signatures, that we disagree the turnover is "normal". Losing 18 staff is historically unprecedented, and the number of resignations since these trustees were elected is evidence of the ineffectiveness of the Board. Students deserve stability through better leadership. 
The undersigned are stating a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the 4 majority leaders on our school board – Trustees Koltermann, Ryan, Bendis and Stampolis.


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    1. SJ Mercury News: SCUSD needs to recruit strong candidates for school board

      Mercury News editorial: Santa Clara Unified community needs to recruit strong candidates for school board

      Click photo to enlarge The worst fears of parents and staff in the Santa Clara Unified School District are coming true following the election last November of two new trustees, Chris Stampolis and Michele Ryan. They have been just as divisive, micromanaging, petty and unreasonable as those who knew Stampolis, in particular, warned before the election.

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    3. Correction and apology

      Stability for Students has amended the information on leaving principals and would like to clarify to all signed participants. SCUSD has had 6 principals leave their lead positions (1 retirement, 3 change to new districts, 2 returning to teaching). We have updated our petition with the correct information.
      Apologies from Stability for Students.

    4. 1000 signatures! Keep it going

      Thank you for all your support! We've reached our first goal of 1000 in just one day. We have increased our goal to 2500. Please help us reach it by sharing the petition with all those you know who care about our children's education here in SCUSD.

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    • Tracy Pope SAN JOSE, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I am a 23-year veteran teacher in this district. I am also the outgoing teachers' union president. As a teacher, I put my heart and soul into my students and my classroom. As the union president, I have worked hard to build relationships with administrators and the school board. I believe this current school board is not only irresponsible and derelict in its duty to our students, if our district continues down this path, the board's actions will be harmful to the education of the students in our community. And after many sacrifices - including 2 years of furlough days and 6 years without a raise - it's time this school board stepped up and rewarded the employees for their hard work and dedication to the district and students. Enough of the micromanaging and shenanigans that distract from educating our young people!

    • Sam Gonzalez SANTA CLARA, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      As a high school student in this district I can honestly say that things have been taking a turn for the worst. I like Santa Clara for various reasons and I've had great teachers and staff around me growing up. But with the instability we've lost many great people and I think we should deserve better than this. We've lost so many programs, including art and other extra curricular activities. We can have so much done, but not if we can't get this crap together. I'd rather not see any more good people leave and students suffering through what we have to go through.

    • Jonathan Oseguera DAVIS, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      As an alumni of the SCUSD, I understand the importance of being competent, moral, and integrable leaders for the district. The majority of the executive board is not reflecting these values and must step down. The board is lacking in it's core values which have set the foundation for the SCUSD as one of the most prevalent districts in the Silicon Valley, and the values that the board of education on the SCUSD website are:

      Core Values


      Bringing out the full potential in all students and staff


      Fiscal responsibility

      Parental support and involvement


      Ask yourself, is the board upholding these values? No. Hence, if the board's values deviate from the values of the district, the board must be changed. This is why I am in support of a vote of no confidence for board members Koltermann, Bendis, Stampolis and Ryan.

      These members may be able to silence students, staff, faculty, and other district leadership individually; but they will not be able to silence a united voice for change.


      Jonathan Oseguera

      (SCUSD Alumni 2010)

    • Erin Gott SANTA CLARA, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I am a student.

    • Claire Blackhurst SANTA CLARA, CA
      • about 1 year ago

      I have children in the district. I believe our board should conduct themselves professionally on behalf of the children, teachers, administrators, and parents. We are wasting a lot of time doing nothing but fighting. It needs to stop.


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