Only men on the Today Show’s Summer Concert Series?!
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Only men on the Today Show’s Summer Concert Series?!

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      Brennan Twardowski

      Kingston, PA

I love The Today Show and I watch it all the time. I especially look forward to the Summer Concert Series each year. Last year, I even got a chance to check out one of the concerts live in New York City. I couldn’t wait to find out who would be appearing this year. Unfortunately, I was disappointed when I found out that of 15 concerts scheduled from May through August, only one of the music groups included a woman.

I can’t believe that in 2013, the Today Show isn’t supporting female artists on their platform. It’s important for girls and young woman to see successful women and female artists can be empowering role models for millions of viewers. Unlike the Today Show, Good Morning America is featuring lots of incredible and talented women in their concert series.

To add insult to injury, the Today Show is even concluding the summer series with a performance by Chris Brown who has admitted he is guilty of assault and domestic violence. I think the Today Show can do better for women and that’s why I’m asking the show’s producers to invite more female artists to participate.

When NBC announced the lineup, they even said that “additional performances may be announced throughout the season.” Join me in asking the Today Show to do just that and invite female artists to share the stage this summer!

Don Nash, Executive Producer, The Today Show
The Today Show
Sona Iliffe-Moon, PR Manager, Toyota
Involve female artists in the concert series.

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