Offer a living wage rise to Recall Western Australian workers
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Recall Information Management Group President
Elton Potts
Brambles CEO
Tom Gorman
Citibank Australia CEO
Roy Gori
Chief Executive National Australia Bank
Cameron Clyne
CEO HSBC Australia
Paulo Maia
National Operations Manager Recall
Mark Cole

Offer a living wage rise to Recall Western Australian workers

    1. Amanda Bartosewicz
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      Amanda Bartosewicz


My partner, Chris, works in the Recall Western Australia warehouse, part of the Brambles group. He stores, retrieves and protects the files and data for local councils, state and federal governments as well as major companies. Chris and his fellow co-workers have been on strike for two weeks standing up for a fair wage rise and respect on the job.

Last year his company's CEO, Tom Gorman, got a 37% pay increase. And Brambles made a profit of $481.4million for its major shareholders; HSBC, National Australia Bank and Citigroup. However, my partners and his workmates won't even get a wage rise to cover the cost of living in WA. In fact, Chris and his workmates get paid 10% less than other Recall workers who do the same work around Australia.

They are eight workers standing together against a large multinational company. They just want to get treated with respect, and receive a fair wage rise of 4% for the work they put in.

Elton Potts, Recall Information Management Group President
Tom Gorman, Brambles CEO
Roy Gori, Citibank Australia CEO
Cameron Clyne, Chief Executive National Australia Bank
Paulo Maia, CEO HSBC Australia
Mark Cole, National Operations Manager Recall
Please offer a living wage rise to Recall Western Australia warehouse workers. Given how much profit Brambles have made, and the service your WA warehouse workers have given provided over the years, they deserve a 4% wage increase.

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    • M Nardone NORTH BERGEN, NJ
      • about 1 year ago

      Equality and fair rights for all in the workforce

    • Kim Burnett PERTH, AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      I believe in a "Fair Go". Any company that fails to recognise that their GREATEST resource is their staff DESERVES to go out of business (and eventually will !!!). Word spreads FAST nowadays. THINK ABOUT IT!

      • about 1 year ago

      What would Jesus do?

    • Sharlene Xavier AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      I worked worked in a similiar industry in WA and believe in workers rights.

    • Sanna Andrrew HILTON, AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      All workers should receive a decent pay and decent pay rises to match the escalating cost of living. All workers should also retain the right to have union representation individually and collectively for Enterprise or collective bargaining purposes. Employers should not be able to hold workers to ransom and should allow, under Freedom of Assocation, the right to union membership and representation and collective bargaining.


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