Numéro magazine: Give black models real honor #AfricanQueen
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Numéro magazine: Give black models real honor #AfricanQueen

    1. Kama Cissoko
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      Kama Cissoko

      Fontenay sous bois, France

I just found the photo series "African Queen" from Numéro magazine's March issue 2013. To my surprise, to illustrate this theme, the journal has chosen a white American model Ondria Hardin, and a makeup for the occasion that appears to be blackface. When are we going to stop replacing black models - already under-represented in magazines - for women in offensive makeup?

The model Ondria Hardin is blonde and has white skin. But a lot of foundation and a "tanning" effect were enough to transform this series of pictures that misleads readers. Incidentally, she wears clothing and accessories that, in the Western imagination, represents the "Black Beauty": "African" headdresses, necklaces, bracelets, prints.

Why not simply chose a black model to represent the "African Queen" series that is supposed to "celebrate" African beauty?

I doubt that an appropriate choice was unavailable. Worse, black models are under-represented in women's magazines and on the catwalks - Jezebel has found that 82% of the models in the last New York Fashion Week were white. This kind of editorial choice only heightens inequalities.

Through this petition, I demand an apology from the Numéro magazine and I call on the magazine's advertisers to withdraw their support if the magazine does not apologize and undertake efforts to give more room for black models in its pages.

Thank you for signing and circulating the petition!

Article from Jezebel

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