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NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde:  Save the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital !
  • Petitioning Professor Alex McMahon

This petition will be delivered to:

Director for Strategic Planning and Modernisation for NHS Lothian.
Professor Alex McMahon
Acting Chief Executive, NHS Lanarkshire Headquarters.
Mr. Ian Ross
Chief Executive of Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Board.
Mr. Robert Calderwood
Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, Scottish Parliament.
Alex Neil MSP
NHS Scotland Chief Executive, Director General for Health and Social Care, Scottish Government.
Mr. John Connaghan
NHS Lanarkshire public consultation

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde: Save the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital !

    1. Petition by

      Homeopathy Heals Me

Patients want to continue using homeopathic services at this beautiful hospital.  They believe in Patient Choice. The Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital is the last homeopathic hospital in Europe to offer in-patient beds and is part of our great British homeopathic heritage.

Virtual Tour of Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital

Transformation of the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital

History of the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital


Recent signatures


    1. Reached 25,000 signatures
    2. New Threat to the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital

      There is currently a new threat to the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, which may be turned into a Pain Management Centre for chronic pain sufferers in Scotland. See here:


      Although many welcome this move if patients are to be treated with homeopathic medicine and other integrative natural therapies, there is always the risk that the GHH might go the way of all the other homeopathic hospitals in Britain and be taken over by conventional medicine.

      If you have not done so already, please get all your friends and family to sign the Petition as soon as possible. The Petition closes on 28th March 2014 and I will take a screenshot of the final numbers but we need to get these as high as possible before the closing date. We can also hold this up as proof of the popularity of homeopathy

      Please get as many people as possible to sign as soon as you can! Thank you!

    3. Review under way into Future of funding for Unique Hospital

      15th January 2014
      by Caroline Wilson
      A CONSULTATION, which could threaten the future of Scotland's only ­homoeopathic hospital in Glasgow, has started.
      A review group set up by NHS Lanarkshire has recommended cutting funding for homoeopathy at the hospital, at Gartnavel, in the West End, in 2012.

      It follows a decision by NHS Highland two years ago to withdraw funding for referrals.


      Review under way into future of funding for unique hospital

      A CONSULTATION, which could threaten the future of Scotland's only ­homoeopathic hospital in Glasgow, has started. The public are being asked if NHS Lanarkshire should continue to fund homoeopathic treatment at the Centre for Integrative Care, formerly known as Glasgow ­Homoeopathic Hospital.

    4. NHS Lanarkshire: Public Consultation - Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital

      NHS Lanarkshire is now conducting a public consultation, as to whether it will continue paying for patient referrals for homeopathy at the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital (or CIC).

      It is vitally important that as many people as possible fill in this short Survey to make their views known, even if you are not a resident or have never used the services of the GHH (there is a box to tick for non-residents).

      The SURVEY is here:

      and you can also send an email to:

      Information about the Consultation is on these links:



      Homoeopathy Consultation

      Web survey powered by SurveyMonkey.com. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.

    5. Minister Vows to Protect Homeopathic Hospital's Future

      SCOTTISH Health Secretary Alex Neil vowed to protect Scotland's only NHS homeopathic hospital from closure at a public meeting with health board managers.

      Minister vows to protect homeopathic hospital's future

      Fears are growing over the future of the hospital in Glasgow as health boards in different parts of the country debate whether they should continue to send patients there. Supporters of the hospital - also known as the centre for integrative care - were among the audience at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde's (NHS GGC) annual review, where Mr Neil and members of the public questioned health board staff.

    6. Reached 20,000 signatures
    7. Legal Bid to Save NHS Homeopathy in Scotland

      27th October 2013

      by LYNDSAY BUCKLAND (The Scotsman)

      LAWYERS are preparing to start a judicial review of a health board’s decision to end funding of homeopathic services amid fears over the impact on those who use the alternative remedies.



    8. Reached 17,500 signatures
    9. Letter received from Department of Health dated 1st August 2013

      Department of Health
      Richmond House
      79 Whitehall
      London SW1A 2NS
      1st August 2013

      Dear Ms. Mclean,

      Thank you for your letter of 22nd July to Earl Howe about homeopathy. I have been asked to reply.

      The majority of independent scientists consider the evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy to be weak or absent, and that there is no plausible scientific mechanism for homeopathy. The Department is not aware of any new evidence that changes this position or the Government's response, which was published in July 2010, to the Commons Science and Technology Committee Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy, which remains that it is unlikely that this controversy could be resolved by further analysis of literature or research on the efficacy of homeopathy. (!)
      (full letter sent to Petition signatories)
      Yours sincerely,

      Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries

    10. Email sent to Jeremy Hunt MP, Health Ministers, Heads of Trusts.

      From: Homeopathy Heals
      To: Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP
      Cc: Anna Soubry MP; Daniel Poulter MP; Norman Lamb MP; David Tredinnick MP; Michael Matheson MSP; Alex Neil MSP; Robert Calderwood; Alex McMahon; Ian Ross.
      Sent: Monday, July 22, 2013 3:49 PM
      Subject: NHS HOMEOPATHY PETITION: Nearly 12,000 Signatures

      Dear Jeremy Hunt,

      I am writing to tell you that the Petition supporting NHS Homeopathy has reached nearly 12,000 signatures in less than four months!

      The Skeptic movement have only 2,085 signatures on their Petition, which started before ours!

      I have seen articles in the papers about you talking to Prince Charles, who ran the Foundation for Integrated Health for many years and knows a great deal regarding homeopathy. It is absurd to say he is lobbying you.

      Please keep homeopathy going in the UK. People love it and you can save a fortune for the NHS.


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    11. PDF Letter from Chief Executive of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

      On 13th May 2013, Mr. Robert Calderwood, Chief Executive of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde wrote to say that 'plans for closure are not currently
      part of any clinical service review being undertaken by NHSGGC'.

      So there are no immediate plans to close down the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital YET but with NHS Lothian withdrawing funding for homeopathic services, there is no guarantee this will not happen in the future.

    12. Reached 10,000 signatures
    13. Glasgow Evening Times mentions Petition

      The Glasgow Evening Times published an article on 7th May 2013 reporting only half the number of signatures on the Petition. I contacted the journalist and today 9th May 2013, they have published another article showing the current total of 8,600.
      Glasgow homeopathic unit faces funding fight
      9th May 2013

      The Petition was also sent again to all the decision-makers on 8th May 2013, so they could see the increasing numbers of people who want to save the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital.

      Glasgow homeopathic unit faces funding fight

      The unit faces an uncertain future The number of people pledging their support has almost doubled since a petition was delivered to the health board last month. Almost 8600 people have now backed the campaign, which is calling on NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) to give a guarantee it will continue to fund the hospital.

    14. Reached 8,000 signatures
    15. Petition Update

      We have heard back from Mr. Robert Calderwood's office to say that the Petition will be formally reported at the Board Meeting on 16 April 2013.

    16. Reached 5,000 signatures

      Let's reach at least 10,000 signatures!

    18. Petition Update

      The Petition has been sent to the decision-makers on Friday 5th April and will be sent every Friday with the new total of the growing numbers of supporters of the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital. Apparently a decision has not yet been made and it is important to keep up the pressure.

      This Petition belongs to everyone who supports or has been helped by Homeopathy

      To keep up with the latest news on homeopathy, see the Homeopathy Heals website.

    19. Reached 4,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Alberto Pineda PANAMA, PANAMA
      • 4 days ago

      I think Homeopathy heals people.

    • Zoe Colson-Spence WORTHING, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 10 days ago

      People don't fit in boxes. Western medicine isn't right for everyone all the time and people deserve the right to have treatments that work for them when its right for them.

    • vincent dillard LAS VEGAS, NV
      • 14 days ago

      Our spirits are eternal,our love is forever-more,we need more insight into the wellness of our fellowman,and the worship of our beloved women.

      • 20 days ago

      It's a great natural and alternative resource that needs to be kept alive.

    • turkan uygun TüRKIYE İSTANBUL, TURKEY
      • 22 days ago



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