Take Doomsday Preppers off the air for slaughtering live animals.
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Federal Communications Commission
National Geographic Channel

Take Doomsday Preppers off the air for slaughtering live animals.

    1. Sara Militello
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      Sara Militello

      new york, NY

This is important because I do not support the senseless killing of innocent animals, nor do I want to be shown this on primetime television. Tonight, December 4, 2012 I saw I live goat being killed by a man and what looked to like his 10 year old son, with his other 4 year old son watching. They slit the goat's neck while it screamed. A few weeks ago I also watched a man decapitate a live chicken with his children watching. We all pay for our cable and should not have to witness blood and guts of live animals when a show is on doomsday prepping, not killing anything.

There's something wrong if you can't swear on TV, but you can see a live animal crying in pain and it's neck opened wide and blood and guts all over the place. I'm horrified, angry, and sad. Please join me in making TV safe for everyone. This is not appropriate television for the masses.

*WARNING* This is horrifying and will make you feel sick and disgusted. Watch at your own risk. 

View the episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dviQLJf9cSY Go to 24:18 on the timeline. 

*UPDATE* Found a new link to another video. Hope NatGeo won't be cowards and take this video down as well. If you do I'll just find other links. 

National Geographic took the video off Youtube citing copyright infringement. It's still out there and you still aired this content on national TV. Disgusted! 

Federal Communications Commission
National Geographic Channel
Take Doomsday Preppers off the air for slaughtering multiple live animals on TV and issue a public apology statement. The general public shouldn't have to see this when they are trying to be entertained. Blood, screaming, anguish and senseless killing have no business being on my TV in my living room.

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      • 4 months ago

      OMG, this is terrible!

      All that delicious meat an ocean away from my taste buds! Stop NG from making people so jealous, NOW!

    • Edward Jasiewicz PITTSBURGH, PA
      • 6 months ago

      National Geographic is a disgusting, immoral outfit that should be boycotted by everyone for many reasons!

    • pat rollo HERNDON, VA
      • 6 months ago

      In a time when so many atrocities are being done to animals of all kinds, YOU SHOULD NOT BE PROMOTING SLAUGHTERING LIVE ANIMALS ON THE AIR, really, have you no sense at all?

      • 8 months ago

      Animals need people to speak for them because they can't!

    • Karen Saucedo SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • 8 months ago

      ABSOLUTELY! Contact NG directly. There was a show they were preparing about two years ago on a non-hunting matter but it was revealed they were going to include a woman "super hunter" in the cast. May of us complained directly to NG. NG responded to me advising that it had reconsidered and removed her from the cast.


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