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Stop the Slaughter of Horses for meat.

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      Chicago, IL

This is important because thousands of horses are slaughtered for their meat everyday. Of course this is not much different from the slaughter of regularly eaten animals, but if this is stopped, this will be one step closer to helping animals and saving them from slaughter. Their is absolutely no reason why these animals should be slaughtered, and their is no special health benefit to eating horses. The only reason it is eaten is because it tastes good, which is no good reason. Animals are so oppressed, abused, used, and, quite frankly, tortured because they are animals. No other reason. They don't kill anybody, or abuse anyone. But yet they are killed everyday, and abused. Please end Horse Slaughter.

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    • Vivianna Nieves CHICAGO, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      This ban is important. We need to stop horses from being slaughtered. They are a part of our history. They have walked along side our war heroes and our presidents. They are the foundation that helped shape our country. This bill will ensure that horses are not shipped to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. This is not acceptable and the welfare of all equine depends on the banning of this bill.


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