Microbial Ecological Fertilizer- is Our Safer Future
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Microbial Ecological Fertilizer- is Our Safer Future

    1. Kem To
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      Kem To

      Lincoln, NE

Move On from Application of Chemical Fertilizer to Microbial Ecological Fertilizer- Evolution to Our Safer Future

After chemical fertilizer has been introduced to the world in nearly sixty years, into the twenty-first century, health concerns have developed in an opposite direction: serious diseases and epidemic outbreaks such as cancer, birth defects, SARS, hand, foot and mouth disease, livestock foot and mouth disease, avian flu, mad cow disease, plant powdery mildew, viral diseases, fusarium, and colletotrichum, various new diseases have increased world-wide.

Of these major epidemics the main reason can be traced directly to traditional and contemporary agricultural fertilization we put down on the soil. Our food and drinking water contain nitrates from chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizer has used high nitrogen content, the forced absorption of nitrate has induced genetic mutation of the fusarium, resulting in increased toxicity. It has also caused decreased anti-bacteria (actinomycetes) production, usually occurring in soil, and its ability to suppress the growth of fusarium. At the same time organic fertilizer isn't safe either. Under the conditions of abundant carbon sources in organic fertilizer such as starch polysaccharides and fructose in the soil, high toxicity fusarium can breed and multiply in an explosive manner. High carbon content organic fertilizer is to be blamed to creat a perfect environment for the anthrax. Another example, hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak in China in 2009 is the disease which is caused by intestinal bacteria from consuming contaminated produce. Apparently while using organic matters such as manure as source of organic fertilizer, the local agriculture did not go through the process of secondary composting to a full maturity. Hence the bacteria survived the composting and caused the outbreak.

We can conclude that there are serious chemical pollution problems in today’s high efficiency agriculture. Current “green organic” agriculture also triggers a variety of new and rare and deadly diseases due to the existence of large numbers of bacteria and viruses. As demonstrated in the above mentioned epidemic, when the balance has changed to favor breeding of pathogens (mostly mildew), the number of harmful bacteria will sharply increase and the toxicity increase dramatically. The balance will be disrupted and the diseases ensue. In opposite when the local microbial ecosystem is in good  balance, the number of actinomycetes which can secrete antibiotics should be ten times the number of pathogen, and will inhibit any possible outbreaks.

The most reliable method to prevent the occurrence of major outbreaks of plant disease is to add nitro-reducing bacteria, which reduces the majority of mold, pathogens nitrogen (nitrate), and at the same time secrete antibiotics and interferon, while inhibiting mold, bacteria propagation and viral gene replication. This prevents the outbreaks and maintains ecological safety.

The microbial ecological fertilizer (MEF) (Green Friends bio-fertilizer) has been scientifically used as early as 1993. In 1993 Beijing Green Olympic Technology Co., Ltd. together with Shouguang City, Shandong Province of China, conducted a two years experiment of Green Friends bio-fertilizer application on its 10 thousand Mu (0.0667 hectare) greenhouse vegetables. During that 10 thousand Mu greenhouse vegetable test, 55 kinds of crops were tested with the application of Green Friends bio-fertilizer. The results show that when applying only the Green Friends bacterial manure with its ecological security features, the plants avoided the occurrence of bacterial and viral diseases, so that the rate of virus disease, powdery mildew incidence was 0%, in comparison to the occurrence of virus disease, powdery mildew incidence of 10% and 15% respectively on application of chemical fertilizer or organic fertilizer. When Green Friends bio-fertilizer was mixed with chemical fertilizer and organic fertilizer, it enabled crops’ disease incidence rate to drop 50-75% compared to the application of chemical fertilizer or organic fertilizer alone.

The MEF was awarded Eureka International Invention patents, and special Gold and General Cross to Eureka International Patent Fair, Brussels, in 1996.

The MEF utilizes garbage, sewage disposaland organic waste, such as livestock, poultry manure as their raw material. The nitro reduction fertilizer reduces residual contaminationof nitrate in chemical and organic fertilizers to ammonium nitrogen, which is a safe and efficient plant nutrient. Utilization rate of ammonium assimilation of plants is twice that of nitrate. Therefore it would result in a significant increase in agricultural harvest, the best resource conservation, and the widest range of purifying the groundwater, as well as the enrichment of the soil nutrient layer. It would also help to maintain a well-balanced ecosystem, and fundamentally resolve problems such as food safety, plant, animal and human diseases. The whole society would benefit from this efficient and sustainable approach towards ecological balance. This will be a very important step in human evolution in the Twenty First Century, in order to meet the needs of population growth and to eliminate the chemical pollution from our traditional and contemporary agricultural fertilization methods. The innovative new technology of microbial ecological fertilizer will rise to meet the demand and at the same time reduce the cost of our food and the agricultural products.

Therefore, in an effort to reduce serious outbreaks of disease, and in synchronizing with the medical, scientific development, and the progress of mankind, please support this project. Please leave your name and signature so we can jointly ask for the prototype of a facility of capacity of an annual production of forty thousand tons of MEF to be established in your country or in your region. The purpose of this petition is to attract major foundation funds and charitable bodies or investment groups’ attention in order to establish the universal microbial ecology safety engineering industry system as soon as possible, thus providing the world agriculture a secure, ecologically sound, functional fertilizer that would protect the environment, animal and plant ecology. By using good bacteria to suppress harmful bacteria, and transforming the harmful pollutants into something good and safe, the MEF would also quickly and comprehensively sow beneficial microorganisms into a wide range of soil environments.



Prince Charles, The Prince's Trust
Mr. Li Ka-shing, The Li Ka-shing Foundation
It could stop our food prices from rising.

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    1. We can't wait for another ten years!

      Kem To
      by Kem To
      Petition Organizer

      The good news is we reach the milestone of 1,013 signers!

      The recent signing to replace conventional chemical or organic fertilizers to Microbial Ecological Safety Fertilizer would indicating an estimate of 10 to 20 years to declare victory for 20K signers.

      Unless we all act or reach out.......

      The green revolution in the 1960’s of chemical fertilizer was awarded Nobel Price because it was introduced to the world and has stopped the huger in Mexico. India and over populated World. After nearly sixty years, into the twenty-first century, people started to realize that the fertilizer we put down on the soil are not safe. Our food and drinking water contain nitrates from chemical fertilizers. Since high nitrogen content chemical fertilizer is still legal, GMO or other pesticide are still also legal, the alternative replacement has to be found while we are fighting to get rid of GMO, pesticide and Chemical fertilizer, MEF is an ideal replacement!

    2. Reached 1,000 signatures
    3. Ag giants will team up in 'game-changing

      Kem To
      by Kem To
      Petition Organizer

      After a whole year petition on promoting 'microbial ecological fertilizer (MEF)', a news in December 2013 is two international agricultural giants are forming a cross- Atlantic alliance to speed the use of bacteria, fungi and other "biological" for farmers to meet the world demand. I know a lot of my signers are from the March movement of 'kick Monsanto out of Sweden' and don't be put off because one of these two giants is Monsanto Co. It has at least proved that the Microbial Ecological Fertilizer- is Our Safer Future, and Monsanto has bowed down to the world criticism! The difference is MEF has been invented and tested for 20 years and proved crops yield and less disease and it is the only one accredited microbial fertilizer certificate in China. I hope Monsanto would change its monopoly reputation, not only profiting and manipulating the farming community at the expense of 'the little people'. It will take a lot to see them as the good guys!

    4. Targeting 800 signers by the end of the year!

      Kem To
      by Kem To
      Petition Organizer

      I am so thrilled of good supports lately and decide not just to aim 300 but 800 signers by the end of the year. Please help to keep up with the full momentum!

    5. Reached 250 signatures
    6. reached 50 signatures milestone!

      Kem To
      by Kem To
      Petition Organizer

      Thanks for all your signing, but to reach 50 million signatures, it has a long, long way to go! Keep our heads up!

    7. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Magnus Hellbom VALLENTUNA, SWEDEN
      • 11 days ago

      Big Buck is behind Chemical Fertilizer. Big Buck cares only for profit and not for humanity. Microbial Ecological Fertilizer probably is not profitable, therefore we must fight for it.

    • Yvonne Svahn STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN
      • 14 days ago

      We only have ONE planet

    • Terry Laster GLENDALE, CA
      • 15 days ago

      I'm interested in sustainable agriculture.

      • 15 days ago

      way to go !!!

    • Inge-Mo Haraldh STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN
      • 18 days ago

      I believe in nature, not chemicals!


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