Miami Dolphins: Stop pressuring public to pay for your stadium.
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Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross

Miami Dolphins: Stop pressuring public to pay for your stadium.

    1. Maytee Lopez
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      Maytee Lopez

      Doral, FL

May 2013


From Maytee Lopez: We did it! Over 1500 voters from Miami-Dade demanded the Stephen Ross renovate stadium on his own without public money. Because of the pressure you all applied, our legislators in the Florida House heard us loud and clear. Today, they rejected hearing the Dolphins stadium bill and thus cancelling the May 14 referendum.

We've seen this movie before. A sports team asks the public for money because they "can't afford it on their own". Miami-Dade residents know very well how this movie ends, especially after our recent experience with the Marlins.

As residents of Miami-Dade, we need to send a message to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross: pay for your own stadium!

At a time when we are cutting funding across all levels of government for much needed programs, especially after our recent experience with the Marlins, we the undersigned stand firmly opposed to a giveaway of $379 million of public money for yet another billionaire sports team owner.

Time and time again, sports owners across the country have taken advantage of the fans and the cities they are in. Studies and commentaries (found here, here, and here) have shown this type of "economic investment" to be a terrible deal for taxpayers.

The Dolphins are asking for $90 million in sales tax and an additional tax that would give them another $289 million generated from tourists (which happens to be one of S. Florida's biggest economic engines).

We can instead spend our Sales Tax money where it belongs: our schools, infrastructure, and helping our small businesses. And we should ask our Legislators to allow our Tourist Tax dollars to go to long-term infrastructure projects that would directly benefit the public and generate even more tourism in the long run. For example:

- Developing an iconic pedestrian street in Downtown Flagler

- Building a transit line connecting Downtown with the quickly growing neighborhoods of Wynwood, Mid Town, and the Design District

- Investing in much-needed repairs to our water and sewer systems that is in severe need of maintenance and could potentially pollute our river and beaches.

- Renovating the unique and publicly owned Marine stadium on Key Biscayne

- Building a world class network of green space and parks

- Redeveloping one of our most prized possessions, the Miami River

We urge Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross to stop pressuring the public to pay for renovations to Sun Life stadium. We urge all voters in Miami-Dade to vote NO on the Dolphins referendum on May 14th. 

Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross
Stop pressuring the public to pay for renovations to Sun Life stadium.

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    1. We did it! The FL House rejects the Dolphins stadium bill.

      Maytee Lopez
      Petition Organizer

      We did it!!! It's over. The Florida House denied the Dolphins the special earmarks and sales tax exemption they were demanding.

      Thank you for your tireless efforts in defeating this terrible deal. We must continue to be ever vigilant of these type of efforts by insiders & big business.

      TALLAHASSEE: Lawmakers reject Dolphins stadium bill - Florida -

      Up against the clock and with a future Super Bowl on the line, the Miami Dolphins suffered an epic defeat Friday in the state Capitol. The look of defeat on the face of Rep. Eddy Gonzalez, as he hugged House Speaker Will Weatherford, spoke volumes as the team's stadium effort failed.

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    3. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross' win-win.

      Maytee Lopez
      Petition Organizer

      Dolphins owner Stephen Ross' company "Related Group" is developing the land around the 49ers brand new stadium. FYI: the Dolphins and 49ers are the two finalists for Super Bowl L. So, while Stephen Ross is asking for $379 million in public money from Miami-Dade voters to improve his asset - the privately owned Sun Life stadium - he would also benefit tremendously from a 49ers Super Bowl. To quote the article... that's just "big business being big business". Well, we have an opportunity to tell Stephen Ross that Miami-Dade will not be a pawn in his billionaire game. We are not suckers.

      Hyde5: Ross's Related Group to develop Santa Clara stadium

      1. The Dolphins are pinning hopes for a publicly-funded stadium rehabilitation on hopes of the 50 th or 51 st Super Bowl coming to South Florida. Meanwhile, Dolphins owner Steve Ross's Related Group has signed on to develop around the new stadium that's competition for those Super Bowls in Santa Clara, Calif.

    4. Dolphins put more pressure on Tallahassee for their sweetheart deal.

      Maytee Lopez
      Petition Organizer

      Billionaire Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and millionaire NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell visited Tallahassee today to put more pressure on Speaker Will Weatherford to give the Dolphins their special $90 million tax subsidy and $286 million in earmarks from an increase in the Tourist Tax. Our guess is that this will pass the House at the last possible opportunity.

      NFL Commissioner, Stephen Ross come to Tallahassee to save Dolphins stadium effort | Naked Politics

      The Miami Dolphins are bringing out the big guns as they try to get lawmakers to approve a taxpayer-supported stadium upgrade in the final days of this year's legislative session. In meetings Monday with top state lawmakers, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell, team owner Stephen Ross and team CEO Mike Dee made their last-minute pitch.

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    6. Dolphins bill fails to pass FL House, but lobbyists are not giving up!

      Maytee Lopez
      Petition Organizer

      A small victory! The Dolphins stadium bill failed to pass the Appropriations committee in the Florida House. The traditional way the Dolphins could pass this bill is no longer possible, but Dolphins' lobbyists are not giving up! They want to stick this onto other bills and jam it through while no one is looking. Stay alert. Keep raising awareness.

      Fins Stadium Bill Dies In Florida House; Future Uncertain

      The Miami Dolphins had plenty to celebrate Thursday night between new uniforms and the acquisition of the number three overall pick in the draft. But as Friday rolled around, a dark cloud began gathering in Tallahassee over the planned renovations of Sun Life Stadium.

    7. Reached 500 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Heather Cooperman FORT LAUDERDALE, FL
      • 12 months ago

      Spend the money on fixing things for the community, not for a FOR PROFIT Venue/Sport team. Did Miami learn nothing from the Marlins fiasco?!? Help fix the MDAS and Needs of the People of Miami!!

    • ariana hernandez LA JOLLA, CA
      • 12 months ago

      its a matter of justice. we have enough problems in this city as to spend money in this frivolity. I dont believe it is a good investment for us.

    • Frank Moreno MIAMI, FL
      • 12 months ago

      Lets not tax tourists for Corporate Welfare.

    • Elaine de Valle MIAMI, FL
      • 12 months ago

      The process has not been transparent and it looks like, rather, it has been manipulated. Including the shotgun wedding timeline.

      • 12 months ago

      Because I care about the economic future of our community!


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