Mercedes-benz: Remove the Masonic Ring shot in your Super Bowl commercial titled, "Soul".
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Rob Moorman
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Mercedes-benz: Remove the Masonic Ring shot in your Super Bowl commercial titled, "Soul".

    1. Michael Warren
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      Michael Warren

      New York, United States

For the 2013 Super Bowl, Mercedes-Benz sponsored a television commercial, titled “Soul,” about the new CLA. It features a character portraying Satan, who clearly wears a Masonic ring in plain sight on his left ring finger.

This linking of Freemasonry to Satan is no joke. It was rumors like this that set the stage for the imprisonment and murders of thousands of Freemasons in Europe by Nazis during the Holocaust. The false rumor that Freemasons worship Satan is alive and well among millions of Americans today. Mercedes-Benz is adding fuel to the fire of that defamation with this television commercial.

Surely, to sell cars, Mercedes-Benz would not jokingly link Jews to Satanism (another popular rumor during the Nazi era). It would be good to not jokingly link Freemasons to Satanism either.

There are over a million Masons in the United States. Every single one of them is old enough to purchase and drive a car. None of them is pleased about this.

Rob Moorman, Chief Marketing Officer
Julia Zak, Assistant Media Planner
Remove the Masonic Ring shot in your Super Bowl commercial titled, "Soul".

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    • Bob Baer GEORGETOWN,, TX
      • 5 months ago

      It says that satin is a Mason

    • Stanley S. Brandenburg GEORGETOWN, TX
      • 5 months ago

      i have live my whole 81 years in respect for the Masonic Order & there honor to others!

      A number of Brandenburgs came from the Old Country and I am in hopes that the Mercedes - benz people would respect this!

    • dave savage MOSCOW, ID
      • 5 months ago

      Don't slander my fraternity - it is not funny and it is not true.

    • William Becker WALLACE, ID
      • 5 months ago

      I have been a free mason more than 50 years. The use of a masonic ring in this commercial assures that I will never own another MB

    • Jose Ramon Arroyo MAKATI, PHILIPPINES
      • 7 months ago

      Mercedes-benz TV commercial is really ridiculous, crazy and misleading. This non-sense commercial will create public impression that members of Freemason like me worship satan.


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