Lift the Ban on Women's Canoeing at the Olympics for Rio 2016
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Lift the Ban on Women's Canoeing at the Olympics for Rio 2016

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      WomenCAN International

Adding five women's canoe events to the Olympic program will have far-reaching benefits for developing women and girls not just in the sport of Canoeing, but in all sports. And it will send a message to the world that the ICF and IOC respect the principle of the Olympic Charter and equal opportunity in sport.  The added benefit:  growing the canoe discipline world-wide

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    1. 2020 Olympics: Men's Sprint K2 200 & C2 Slalom may drop for Women's Canoe

      The Royal Canoe Club reports that in November 2013 the Intl Canoe Federation voted to drop the men's sprint K2 (2 person kayak) & men's slalom C2 (2 person canoe) events to make room for women's sprint & slalom C1 (singles canoe) events for Tokyo 2020. The ICF never publicly announced this, though they did announce they would propose 2 women's canoe events to the IOC.
      The IOC established caps on the number of athletes & events ("quotas") on all Sports. There is no indication these quotas can be exceeded. Events must drop for events to be added.

      The 2012 Olympic Canoeing (or Canoe/Kayak in layman's terms) quota was only 330. Similar multi-discipline/multi-equipment sports like Cycling & Rowing have 530 & 550 athlete quotas spots. Our Sport is woefully under-represented. Tough decisions.
      Women's Canoe - Ready4Rio. But we wait for 2020.

      ICF to drop men's K2 200m from Olympics

      Guy Dresser | Royal Canoe Club - The International Canoe Federation has voted to drop mens K2 (kayak pairs) 200m sprint racing from the Olympic programme to make way for a new women's canoe event.

    2. World Champion Jessica Fox (AUS) Slams ICF Over Misleading Statements

      "As a C1 woman, to know it will be in the Olympics is great news, however as a high level athlete, ready for Rio, I am upset that you would assume that this will 'certainly please' me, because in fact, I am not celebrating with my arms outstretched,'' said Fox.
      "To be honest it's a slap in the face and misleading."

    3. Richard Fox slams ICF fo delaying Women's Canoe inclusion until Tokyo2020.

      "....high level female athletes continue to be significantly restricted in their access to canoeing events in the Olympic Games relative to men and will have to wait another seven years to see any change."

    4. ICF to Propose Women's Canoe Events for Tokyo 2020

      International Canoe Federation (ICF) announces they will propose C1 (singles canoe) Women’s Canoe Events for Tokyo 2020 Olympics – for the Sprint and Slalom disciplines. #equalympics #womenscanoe
      See story:

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    6. CBC Special – Women’s Canoeing Should Have Place in Olympics

      Canoeing has one of the poorest gender equality ratios of any Summer Olympic sport, and although female kayakers are allowed to compete in both the sprint and slalom disciplines, female canoeists are kept out of the Games altogether.

      CBC Sports Special: Women's Canoeing Should Have Place in Olympics

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    8. Almost 2,000 - Keep Sharing! See Article by Albert McDonald

      We are almost at 2,000! If everyone gets just one more person to sign - that's 4,000! Thank you to all of our supporters and for your amazing comments. Women and girls from around the world are reading your comments and feeling supported and empowered like never before.
      YOU ARE making a difference!
      Check out Albert McDonald's recent blog. Albert is a former Canadian National Team Canoeist. We appreciate his support.
      See link to his article.
      Spain - Young Women Canoeists

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    10. Gender Equality Audit - London 2012 Olympics by Univ. of Toronto

      April 2013
      Priority recommendations:
      1. Equalize the number of events/medals available to men and women; and
      2. Establish near equivalence in the number of men and women who are permitted to compete at the Olympic Games, and in specific Olympic sports/events.
      "We are concerned that attempts to control Olympic ‘gigantism’ are being linked to efforts to increase gender equality in a way that pits men and women against each other – reducing the number of men’s events in order to increase the number of women’s events...If achieving gender equality means increasing the size of the Olympic be it." Authors Peter Donnelly and Michele K. Donnelly.

    11. SHARP/WSF Olympic Report: Add Women's Canoe events equal to men.

      The last SHARP Center/Women's Sports Foundation Olympic Report recommends adding all women's canoe events to the Olympic program - the same as men.

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    Reasons for signing

      • 3 months ago

      Human rights

    • Pamela Bussey-Hinam COLE HARBOUR, CANADA
      • 3 months ago

      Gender equity.

      • 4 months ago

      I am a fellow paddler...Dragonboating.

      • 5 months ago

      I am a female competitive canoer

    • Jess Swanston BEDS, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      A sport I'm interested and passionate about and love to see it on the Olympics alongside the men's


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