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to order hand counts in all voting precincts for the November Elections

    1. ernesto  torres
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      ernesto torres

      Frederick, MD

A retired NSA expert in digital information analysis, Michael Duniho, spent 7 years evaluating U:S. Electoral outcomes that showed unexplained variances between those of large and small voting precincts. He focused on the recent Republican primaries, in which the large voting precincts consistently had a +10% gain for Romney and a-10% loss for his rivals, whereas in small precincts those gains or loses were erased. The only logical explanation he could find, once correcting for all other demographic factors, was that the vote counting computers were rigged. Likewise, when he analyzed data from the 2010 Congressional Elections, the large voting precincts had a +10% for Republicans and a -10% for Democratic candidates which disappeared in small precincts, where such variances would have been more readily detected by any observers. Again, the only plausible/explanation he found for these differences was computer vote count rigging. Therefore it is crucial the Justice Department orders hand vote counts for all precincts in this November Elections, to verify the computer vote count results ASAP. We must save our Democratic Electoral process.

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    • ernesto torres FREDERICK, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      Voters should not be robbed from their Electoral choices


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