It's the Deed not the Breed; Tell Denver to Lift the Pit Bull Ban
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It's the Deed not the Breed; Tell Denver to Lift the Pit Bull Ban

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      Jessica Berg

      Fort Collins, CO

Growing up without the pleasure of having my own dog I turned to my neighbors dog Daisy to fulfill my childhood fantasy of having my own pup. Although I was across the alley, Daisy and I still knew how to keep in touch. I would open my window on the second story and call to Daisy, who would climb on top of the garage in the yard to come say hello. We did this for 5 years until one day she was gone. It was in Denver, 2005, and a bad day for Daisy to be a Pit Bull.

In May of 2005 Denver put it's Pit Bull Ban into effect and pit bulls like Daisy faced a bleak future. Their owners either have to move outside city limits or in Daisy's case, turned over to animal control and sentenced to death. Not only had my neighbors dog done absolutely nothing wrong but thousands of other dogs lives are cut short due to breed discrimination.

The media crowds behind the ban and tries to enstill fear of the breed by disproportionately covering stories involving pit bull attacks. Denverites know better, and are not oblvious to the fact that people create bad dogs, they are not born this way.

The dogs confiscated from their owners are put on "pit bull row" where they are kept in a secured area until they are euthenized. There are no behavioral evaluations to justify the killing. As far as I am aware there have not been studies to see if this ban has truely helped keep Denver safe.

Lift the pit bull ban and let our dogs come home.


City of Denver
The Denver Pit Bull ban is a radical, impractical ban that puts a target on the backs of one of the sweetest most loyal breeds. The ban should not target specific breeds, but instead focus on individual dogs that are considered dangerous after behavioral testing. Lift the ban and stop sentencing innocent dogs to death.

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    • Heilala Sema SUISUN, CA
      • 4 months ago

      I own a pitbull who was practically raised with my baby nephew since he was born and they're bestfriends. I can only imagine how hard it must be for families to have their family member be taken away from them and put to sleep.

    • Colin Warren ALLISON PARK, PA
      • 4 months ago

      I own a Pit Bull terrier and she is the sweetest most loving dog I have ever met. I want everyone to understand that she is not some vicious animal, she is my best friend.

    • Ralf Schuetz LONGMONT, CO
      • 5 months ago

      Pitbulls are the most loving and intelligent creatures one can imagine. They were bred as nanny dogs because they get along great with kids and they make great family pets. Lift the ban on pitbulls which is not only inhumane and cruel to the animals but also to their owners. Instead pass a law that bans ignorant, dumb and arrogant people from working as public servants. There have been more cases of people dying because of police brutality and cowardice, trigger-happy cops than thru pitbull attacks.

    • Mary Hemmann LONGMONT, CO
      • 5 months ago

      No breed of dog is inherently dangerous; it's people who cause the problem. Animals who are being taught to be mean need to be taken out of their "care" and allowed to learn what it's like to be loved. And the dangerous people need to be punished.

      • 7 months ago

      Own 2 pitbulls , had many different breeds, the pitbulls are my best digs, love my nephews, its never the dog, always the owner.. Teach these people how to own dogs..


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