Deport Patrick Kennedy as he is an enemy of freedom

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      jasen hylbert


Patrick Kennedy - aka Patrick the pill popping prohibition prince -  is nothing more than a parasite and he is an enemy of freedom.  This former congressman has a history of prescription drug abuse and shameful alcoholism.  He ought to step aside in public policy debate, yet this hopeless drunk is acticvely trying to threaten the revival of the first ammendment.  He has no respect for other cultures such as HInduism which has used cannabis as a holy sacrement for thousands of years.  Whilst HIndu culture has given the world advanced mathematics, Kennedy has given us nothing but corruption and dishonesty.  It is of utmost importance for this freedom hater to be deported to somewhere like Russia where he would fit in a whole lot better anyhow.

Deport Patrick Kennedy as he is an enemy of freedom

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      • 6 months ago

      Because the United States of America was designed to be a free country. When the first amendment is jeopardized, other freedoms will start to slip too.


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