Hillsborough County Commission: Approve a Domestic Partner Registry for Hillsborough County, Florida.
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Commissioner (District 2)
Victor D. Crist
Commissioner (District 3)
Lesley Miller Jr.
Board Chairman (District 5, Countywide)
Ken Hagan
Commissioner (District 4)
Al Higginbotham
Board Vice-Chair (District 1)
Sandra L. Murman
Commissioner (District 7, Countywide)
Mark Sharpe

Hillsborough County Commission: Approve a Domestic Partner Registry for Hillsborough County, Florida.

    1. Anthony Risk
    2. Petition by

      Anthony Risk

      Largo, FL

The approval of a Domestic Partner Registry is a no-brainer. Everyone deserves equal rights. Period. By approving a Domestic Partner Registry, same-sex couples are granted these rights: 



  • to visit his or her partner in health care facilities
  • to make certain health care decisions for his or her partner
  • to make funeral and burial decisions for his or her partner
  • to be notified as a family member in case of emergency
  • to be designated his or her partner's pre-need guardian
  • to participate in the education of his or her partner's children


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    Reasons for signing

    • jacob arias SEMINOLE, FL
      • about 1 month ago

      I think anybody should be able to marry who they want to marry

      • 6 months ago

      OK !! I SIGN

      • 8 months ago

      It's time to put an end to this bigotry and give same-sex couples the rights they deserve!

    • Madina Behori FT. MYERS, FL
      • 8 months ago

      Everyone deserves equal rights. I am not satisfied with being a silent bystander. I want my voice to count

    • Chris Simmons HALSTEAD, KS
      • 8 months ago

      Because I believe that no matter if your black,white, Latino, native American, Asian,gay, lesbian, bisexual, polysexual, transgender, christian, buddhist, muslim, jewish, rich, poor or a kangaroo. If you nice to me I will be nice to you. Becuase of this I belive everyone should have the same rights


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