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North Carolina Governor
North Carolina State Senate
North Carolina State House
North Carolina-036
State Rep. Nelson Dollar
North Carolina-031
State Sen. Joyce Krawiec
North Carolina-015
State Sen. Neal Hunt
North Carolina-098
State Rep. Thom Tillis
North Carolina-037
State Rep. Paul Stam
North Carolina-091
State Rep. Bryan Holloway
North Carolina-009
State Rep. Brian Brown
North Carolina-083
State Rep. Linda Johnson
North Carolina-026
State Sen. Philip Berger
North Carolina
Gov. Patrick McCrory
North Carolina-016
State Sen. Josh Stein
North Carolina-113
State Rep. Christopher Whitmire
North Carolina-067
State Rep. Justin Burr
North Carolina-086
State Rep. Hugh Blackwell
North Carolina-044
State Rep. Rick Glazier
North Carolina-117
State Rep. Chuck McGrady
North Carolina-068
State Rep. D. Craig Horn
North Carolina-029
State Sen. Jerry Tillman
North Carolina-048
State Sen. Tom Apodaca
North Carolina-018
State Sen. Chad Barefoot

Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina General Assembly: Fund NCCAT

    1. Donald Nagel
    2. Petition by

      Donald Nagel

      United States

June 2013


Donald Nagel: Supporters of NCCAT and for the need of a specialized learning environment for educators have spoken out loud and clear.

NCCAT's funding for the new budget has been completely removed. NCCAT’s mission is to keep high-quality teachers in the classroom, advancing teaching beyond that of a simple job to an art form and a profession. By renewing their love for teaching, and improving the quality and enthusiasm of the teachers themselves, NCCAT ultimately improves student engagement in learning and academic achievement.

North Carolina Governor
North Carolina State Senate
North Carolina State House
State Rep. Nelson Dollar, North Carolina-036
State Sen. Joyce Krawiec, North Carolina-031
State Sen. Neal Hunt, North Carolina-015
State Rep. Thom Tillis, North Carolina-098
State Rep. Paul Stam, North Carolina-037
State Rep. Bryan Holloway, North Carolina-091
State Rep. Brian Brown, North Carolina-009
State Rep. Linda Johnson, North Carolina-083
State Sen. Philip Berger, North Carolina-026
Gov. Patrick McCrory, North Carolina
State Sen. Josh Stein, North Carolina-016
State Rep. Christopher Whitmire, North Carolina-113
State Rep. Justin Burr, North Carolina-067
State Rep. Hugh Blackwell, North Carolina-086
State Rep. Rick Glazier, North Carolina-044
State Rep. Chuck McGrady, North Carolina-117
State Rep. D. Craig Horn, North Carolina-068
State Sen. Jerry Tillman, North Carolina-029
State Sen. Tom Apodaca, North Carolina-048
State Sen. Chad Barefoot, North Carolina-018

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    • Amy Penland CANTON, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      NCCAT provides exemplary professional development. My opportunity to attend NCCAT contributed to my teaching in a positive way.

    • Rebecca Keesler MOUNT AIRY, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      NCCAT is so important in affirming teachers as professionals and supporting best practices in the classroom.

    • Kim Oliver SHELBY, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      I am an elementary school educator and am greatly feeling the effects of cuts to our education from the past 5-6 years. I am considering moving across the state line (5 miles away) to South Carolina to teach because my hard working husband and I cannot pay our sons' college loans on my "no raise" salary and his baptist minister salary. SC educators make several thousand more that north carolina educators. They are valued more in their state. I want to live in a state that values those who prepare the next generation of workers!!!!

    • Emilie Simeon SOUTHERN PINES, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      NCCAT is a business model which supports educators so trhey will remain in a difficult profession. Our state needs excellent, energetic, thoughtful, prepared educators to lead and teach our state's students. NCCAT accomplishes this mission and makes a difference - through its impact on educators - for North Carolina's children of all ages. To lose NCCAT would be a dramatic, deep loss for North Carolina. Please keep NCCAT in the budget!

    • Myra Thomas ROCKY MOUNT, NC
      • about 1 year ago

      Teachers need to feel appreciated, re energized, and collabrate with other teachers


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