Government of Ontario & Ontario Health Insurance Plan: Fund ongoing out of country treatment for Mackenzie Graham with bilateral PFVS/Norrie Disease
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Minister of Health & MPP London North Centre
Deb Matthews
Premier of Ontario, MPP Don Valley West
Kathleen Wynne

Government of Ontario & Ontario Health Insurance Plan: Fund ongoing out of country treatment for Mackenzie Graham with bilateral PFVS/Norrie Disease

    1. Matthew Graham
    2. Petition by

      Matthew Graham

      Whitby, Canada

August 2013


After 1484 of your signed our petition, and Sun Media reporter Christina Blizzard, wrote an article about Mackenzie, the Ontario Ministry of Health called to say that Mackenzie’s sight-saving treatments would be covered going forward! Thank you to Christina Blizzard for lighting the fire under the Health Ministry to get this done so fast, and especially thank YOU, the petitioners, for lighting up the inboxes of the Minister of Health and our Premier. Going even further back, thanks to all those who gave or came to the concerts; gave up their spare change or beer bottles; or helped organize those undertakings. -- Matt (Mackie's Dad)

The Ontario Health System has failed infant Mackenzie Graham of Whitby, Ontario. By refusing to provide the funding necessary to receive treatment from true experts in pediatric ophthalmology who specialize in bilateral PFVS/Norrie Disease. Due to his genetic condition and the possibility of other future complications such as hearing loss or intellectual deficits, we need to maximize any usable vision that we are able to get. Despite two other children in Ontario with the same condition being funded for their out of country treatments, the Graham family is still fighting OHIP for equal medical care. It is absolutely necessary for him to be treated by specialists with the expertise he requires.

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    • Chris Potts ASHTON, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      It is an absolute testament to the DISGUSTING mess the Liberals have made of this province when immigrants, visa workers, non-resident aliens get OHIP yet we restrict important and life altering surgeries such as this. When OHIP covers the expense to change the natural born sex of healthy individuals but not to save achilds eyesight, it is a clear sign that we need to stand up and put a boot in the arse of every two-bit, classless, vote-buying POS Liberal you can find!

    • Brian Nicholls ALLISTON, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      Mackenzie Graham is a born Canadian. I did believe OHIP covered Canadians. Let's get with the program and support Canadians. We do NOt have to be a Health Sucker for the rest of the World.

    • Mark Van Ryswyk OXFORD STATION, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      If we are going to have publicly funded health care, and nothing else, surely a situation like this should be covered by OHIP. It is disgusting to see politicians and bureaucrats making decisions like this. My heart and prayers go out to Mackenzie, and the Graham family. I truly hope this story ends better than how those with the power to make the decision would have it end. These liberals claim to be the great defenders of universal health care. If this is what they are defending, I want no part of it. We can do, and deserve, much better. Disgusting.

    • shirley cormier PICKERING, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      this child must be helped, if not our health care system is little more than a joke

    • bryan small BURLINGTON, CANADA
      • 10 months ago

      This beatful gem deserves the same treatment that has been afford and provided to other children with the same ailment on at least two other occasions. What makes little Mackenzie GRAHAM any different then the other children.

      Shame on this bullshit health care system of ours for not even considering providing the necessary funding for the required procedure.

      My fingers are crossed for you Mackenzie!!!!!


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