Introduce Rehtaeh’s Law
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Introduce Rehtaeh’s Law

    1. Martha Neovard
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      Martha Neovard

      Martensville, Canada

Rehtaeh Parsons was a girl who loved animals, and her family, and her father. Her story is here:

Rehtaeh’s father wrote a blog post about his daughter here:

He pleads with the justice minister of Nova Scotia to do something. We, with the rest of Canada, are hoping, praying, and pushing for there to be an investigation into how Rehtaeh’s case was handled, and why no charges were laid. We need to take this further, and ensure that no person who takes a photograph or video of a sexual assault ever goes without punishment; and that no person party to distribution of a photograph or video of sexual assault goes without punishment.

This petition is to request the Government of Canada to put this into law.  

We, the undersigned, propose that any individual who takes a photograph or video of a sexual assault automatically, upon being proven guilty, be given a mandatory minimum jail sentence and a fine. We also propose that any individual, whether they took the photograph or video initially or not, who further distributes the photograph or video be served a minimum jail sentence and a fine. This includes distribution through cellular device, email, social media, upload to any website, on paper or any storage device. We propose that this law be known as Rehtaeh’s Law, and hope that it deters criminals and those that enable crime from committing further atrocities, and that it prevents another travesty of justice where criminals are allowed to get away with this further humiliating of victims of sexual assault.

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    • Gabriella-Rose Calderon THORNHILL, CANADA
      • 6 months ago


    • Martina Arnone CONCORD, CANADA
      • 6 months ago

      Because no one should go through that.

    • shirin naghizadeh THORNHILL, CANADA
      • 6 months ago


    • Anita Kanitz STUTTGART, GERMANY
      • 8 months ago

      It is common throughout the Internet and social networks to provide heinous sex crimes against children, girls, women and even animals into the net. It is common that the perpetrators remain unpunished regularly, that the the films and photos remain in the Internet, which has led to many suicides of victims. This is a global disgrace, how sick are all the societies in the world that they have sympathy for sex monsters? Recording, publishing and toleration of sex crimes must be punished with long prison sentences. Sex crimes are no heroics, they are disgusting and cowardly crimes! It has a female child lost now her live because Rehtaeh was not yet of age, which is a shame for the judiciary, a disgrace to society, a disgrace to the police, a disgrace to the school , a shame for the parents of the abusers, a disgrace to the internet platforms, all are to blame for the death of this girl!

    • Negar Zohouri MARKHAM, CANADA
      • 11 months ago

      No one has the right to humiliate and ruin someone else's life and simply walk away.


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