Stop exploiting disabled workers; Provide fair wages!

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Exploitation of the disabled in the workplace. NBC News recently did a story I know many of you have seen; or at the very least have heard about. Goodwill Industries; and many other non for profit charities get away with this. It is a perfectly legal way for them to do business. Section 14C was a loophole implemented into labor laws in 1938. This law has never been changed in 75 years.

While I can't fault Goodwill for exploiting this law. Due to its legality. I can be extremely disappointed with them for defending this practice. While their disabled workers make .22, .38, .41 cents per hour; executives are making six figures. This is equal to slave labor in Asia and around the world. This is the United States; not a third world country.

The reason this topic ignited my passion to write this petition is simple. I am blind and in a wheelchair. While I myself do not have the physical capability of holding a job; many others do. It is already extremely hard for disabled individuals to find and keep a job. Many companies don't want the expense of adapting the workplace. Which is something they must do by law. For others; it's just ignorance of the unknown. Many disabled individuals are quite capable and extremely educated. With this being said; according to the WHO only 25 % of us are employed.

Disabled workers need to be on an equal playing field. Not only do they deserve equality and fairness; they deserve the respect. Disabled individuals pay the same for rent, food, etc as everyone else. While many may think we get all these services; that's simply untrue. Many states have stopped funding programs for the disabled. Disabled individuals also have the burden of paying for adaptive technology and adaptive products. These things are extremely expensive.

I am asking you to stand up and tell these charities you will not support these actions. Goodwill defended these practices! I'm sorry; there's no legitimate defense for this. I also ask you to call or write your Congress person and senators and tell them to repeal Section 14C. This is extremely outdated and unfair.

I thank you for joining my cause! Please sign the petition and pass it on.

Respectfully yours, JP. Shandra

Stop exploiting disabled workers; Provide fair wages!

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    • Julie Phillipson BUFFALO, NY
      • 2 months ago

      It's not right

    • Elaine Tselikis SOUTH PORTLAND, ME
      • 3 months ago

      Personally, I differ with the petition opening -- I DO fault Goodwill for exploiting this law. It is NEVER OK to exploit beings because WE perceive "they don't know any better." That is not ethical. This is a social justice issue, a civil rights issue. Change the loophole law. It is 2014, not the Stone Age. I thought the Salvation Army was bad with their anti-gay discrimination. Now I am rethinking Goodwill.

    • Sean Rooney TORONTO, CANADA
      • 4 months ago

      this is Canada, not some third world shithole. The disabled deserve far better.

    • stacy mccarthy MISSOULA, MT
      • 5 months ago

      Every employee is entitled to at least minimum wage.

    • Debbie Bell MISSOULA, MT
      • 5 months ago

      I have a grandson who has Downs Syndrome and this is an insult to him and those like him!


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