Give Homeless Kids a Place to Go in the Cold!
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Mayor Bruce Hill

Give Homeless Kids a Place to Go in the Cold!

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December 2009


Speaking with Laurie Kadrich, Grand Junction's city manager, she assured me that they have figured out a temporary way to keep families from having to roam the streets during the day, and they are working hard on finding permanent housing for families.

Thanks to all who participated in this petition drive! Sending the folks in Grand Junction a TY petition would be nice.

A news story in Grand Junction tells a dismaying tale of the local day shelter not allowing families in during the day, despite the weather. Families need to wander around, seeking a safe, warm place to be.

Homelessness is bad enough, especially for families. But to refuse to let families into a daytime refuge is outrageous.

Please contact the mayor's office and voice your opinion. And share this with your networks. It's time to draw a line in the sand for kids who are without a place to call home.


photo (c) Pat Van Doren

Mayor Bruce Hill, Mayor, Grand Junction CO
The TV news story about your city's daytime drop-in center not allowing families is horrible. But your city's willingness to address this issue is appreciated. As of 12/21/09, we understand that steps are being taken to alleviate this suffering. Thank you.

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