SAVE Girl Scout Camp Rolling Hills from "RESTING" and/or being SOLD.
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Vicki Proctor
Program Services Manager - Dayton Program
Sarah Kelly
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SAVE Girl Scout Camp Rolling Hills from "RESTING" and/or being SOLD.

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July 2013


From MELANIE PEPIOT: Thank you for supporting my petition for Camp Rolling Hills. Since posting the original petition I have discovered that Girl Scouts of Western Ohio rested Camp Rolling Hills this year as a result of fnancial challenges due to the loss of funding from United Ways and lower than expected cookie sales. I also learned more about what is needed to support the Girl Scout program, including Camp Rolling Hills.

This girl Scout camp offers girls in my rural community overnight camp opportunities, day camps, pool usage, high/low ropes, and is one of the only camps left in our area that is not (yet) up for sale. It is close enough for us to attend and financially acceptable for our area. We value this site because of its variety of camping opportunities, covered wagons, platform tents, cabins, lodge buildings, archery, hiking, "suicide hill", creek, marsh area, open fields, and a swimming pool. This camp would be even more valuable if Girl Scout Cookie money went into repairing buildings, pool maintenance and updating buildings. Girl Scouts have been camping here sense the 50's and find this campground to be a meeting place for girls across our community for helping girls become confident to speak up for what they believe in, courage to fight for their camp, character to know the value of the great outdoors, and pride in their accomplishments and what they have become through outdoor camping with troops of all ages.
Girl Scout Camp Rolling Hills is set to "rest" July 15, 2013 till 2014. In 2014 the Girl Scout Council of Western Ohio will evaluate camp usage. Girls Scouts, leaders, and parents would like to show the council how valuable we find this camp and how we can improve usage with program opportunities and summer/fall camping at the facilities. We are willing to use the skills we learned through Girl Scouts to work together to make this the great camp it used to be!

Vicki Proctor, Outdoor Program Services Manager - Dayton Program
Sarah Kelly, Program Services Manager - Dayton Program
Please bring back the Girl Scout programs and activities to camp Rolling Hills so girls in the middle of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio have the same camping and programming opportunities as the upper and lower areas, which will be the only areas close to a Girl scout camp in Western Ohio.

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      Sarah Kelly

      Thank you for your interest in Camp Rolling Hills.

      As a result of the sluggish economy, across the board cuts made by several large United Ways and lower than expected cookie sales, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio had to make some diffi...

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    Reasons for signing

    • sarah clark ANSONIA, OH
      • 12 months ago

      this is very important to me because this is a great way to have fun and learn to get close to nature this camp offers that option.

    • lillian mass DAYTON, OH
      • 12 months ago

      many, many reasons, grew up with it, it is important for girls growing up feeling strong, educated, and important. It's nature, something sacred, pure, good. The only camp around. Do the right thing and keep this camp, and add to it, build upon it, put love and money toward the things in life that matter.

    • Lakaya Britford COLUMBUS, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      Being a girl scout was fun and have alot of memories from going camping

    • Lorrie Tucker CINCINNATI, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      My niece is a Girl Scout.

    • lucky beckett YO, OH
      • about 1 year ago

      I achieved the Curved Bar rank and am eternally grateful for the opporunity to learn how to light fires, make a camp, pitch a tent, tie knots and fear not in the woods. I have passed this on to my children and they all own tents and hardly go to hotels ever! Keep up the camp sites and thank you for the experience.


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