Eddie Rogers Judge Executive of Taylor County: Allow Rescue Workers Back Inside Taylor County Animal Shelter
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Eddie Rogers Judge Executive of Taylor County: Allow Rescue Workers Back Inside Taylor County Animal Shelter

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      Campbellsville, KY

It is with great sadness that on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 we were notified by Taylor County Animal Control Office, John Harris, that Animal Rescue Groups will be restricted access to the old building of the Taylor County Animal Facility.

When Taylor County dedicated the new building on January 14, 2013 all Rescue Groups were now allowed access to this area only. The new adoption building houses a maximum of 15 large dogs that will be presented to the general public during limited viewing hours as space permits.

As a result of this decision to restrict Rescue Groups access to the old building many surrendered and stray dogs and cats may not be made known to Rescue Groups. An Animal Shelter will hold a dog five days minimum. That is not enough time for dogs waiting for a spot in the new building.

Our rescues have worked together and found homes for nearly 500 dogs last year alone.

When Animal Rescue Groups do not have access to stray and surrendered dogs when they arrive to the shelter we lose valuable time that is needed to network these dogs and may result in needless deaths of wonderful, adoptable animals.

All followers, transporters, fosters and coordinators that have worked together with our Rescue Groups are asked please call the Animal Control Officer, John Harris at Taylor County Shelter, 270.465.7651 or County Judge Executive, Eddie Rogers, 270.465.7729/270.465.7117 and implore them to allow the Rescue Groups access to stray and surrendered dogs upon arrival to the pound in the old facility, so they may have the time to network and find homes for dogs.

John Harris, Taylor County Animal Control Officer
Eddie Rogers, Judge Executive of Taylor County, Kentucky
I respectfully ask that you allow rescue groups access to the animals upon entering the Taylor County shelter to take pictures for networking. This has been proven to save lives. Time does make a difference. Simply stating with the pictures - available AFTER the hold time expires. Please allow this life saving measure to be employed.

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      Sen. Higdon recommended that all Taylor county residents that are interested in seeing change with John Harris (Taylor County ACO), please call your Taylor county magistrates. He said they can put pressure on the judge to remove John Harris. They are local officials that hopefully will see we only are interested in the welfare of these innocent animals.


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      We've got over a thousand signatures in 1 day!!! Keep sharing and signing guys!!! Feel free to keep sending respectful emails and making respectful phone calls. Lets keep this issue front and center.

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    5. UPDATE!

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      Pam Rogers our KY HSUS Rep has spoken with Judge-Executive Rogers and Animal Shelter Director John Harris and they are planning to have a facilitated community-wide meeting to discuss issues and concerns related to the Taylor County Animal Shelter. This meeting will allow all intersted parties to gather in one location to allow for open dialogue and move forward in a positive, proactive way that will benefit the community and animals. Date TBD within the next few weeks.

      Regarding rescues, until the community-wide meeting, rescues can make an appointment with John Harris to view animals with 24-hour notice.

    6. UPDATE!

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      John Harris, the Taylor County Animal Control Officer is scheduled to have a 2pm meeting to discuss this. He promised that by 4pm he would announce plans on FB. Please, if you call or email, be nice, otherwise we won't get anywhere. Thanks.

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    Reasons for signing

    • wanda jackson PINNACLE, NC
      • over 1 year ago

      Why u preventing the adoption of an arimals?They only have a small window to be adopted/ Be part of the solution!

    • Helen Claywell CAMPBELLSVILLE, KY
      • over 1 year ago

      Animanials have rights to they also have feelings I love them very much!!!!

    • Christine Shepler INDIANAPOLIS, IN
      • over 1 year ago

      If rescues are willing to try and place these larger dogs, please allow them the chance.

    • connie tucker CAMPBELLSVILLE, KY
      • over 1 year ago

      I believe that rescue groups should be allowed access to the sheltor so all animals can be seen, not just the ones that the staff wants them to see!!

    • Kathy Madonna OSPREY, FL
      • over 1 year ago

      If you would allow rescuers in your shelter, they would fnd homes for these throw away pets, so you wouldn't have to kill so many. Its a solution!!! AND, they rescue group would be educating the public too! Spay and Neuter is the key!! Not the killers shed!!


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