DSBN,Niagara Catholic District School Board,Steven Harper: STOP LGBT DISCRIMINTATION!!!!
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DSBN,Niagara Catholic District School Board

DSBN,Niagara Catholic District School Board,Steven Harper: STOP LGBT DISCRIMINTATION!!!!

    1. Sharaya McCollum
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      Sharaya McCollum

      Crystal Beach, Canada

Discrimination is a massive part of modern society, and very few have it as bad as those of the LGBTQ community. People are treated horribly because of something as simple as their sexual preference, something we can't help, you don't choose to be gay or trans, its the way you are born. People deserve to be treated fairly, we were all created equal, and we all deserve to be treated equal

I believe it is wrong to treat someone differently just because of something that makes them unique. I believe all people deserve equal respect and treatment. It is wrong to discriminate LGBT's because of their sexual orientation/preference. I believe love is love no matter who you love. It shouldn't matter. It shouldn't effect your ability to go to school, stay in school and have a normal life. It shouldn't effect your eligiablity for school, and you should not be told you cannot attend school because you are not straight. You shouldn't be bullied because you are LGBT and that shouldn't effect your ability to play sports,participate in acitivites at school and in the community or have friends. This is not a legal issue for a school board this is a human rights issue. If you venture into the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights it clearly states that ''All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.'' Which means despite what personal issues you may have with LGBTs they have the same rights as you and they are to be treated equally. The Declaration also says ''No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.'' This means the discrimintation LGBT's face is WRONG, and unjust not only in my or other people's personal beliefs but also in our Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I believe LGBT's should be treated equal and that this discrimination should stop!

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    • Runa Pigden FORT ERIE, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      My granddaughter observed homophobic behaviour on the part of her school's administration last year and so did her art series on just that this year. As part of her project, I became aware of just how badly many of my LGBTQ friends and acquaintances have been treated, especially by teachers.


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