We demand an investigation of Brett Wittner's murder
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FBI Director James B. Comey

We demand an investigation of Brett Wittner's murder

    1. Julia Sharp
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      Julia Sharp

      Olive Hill, KY

On 2/25/12 Brett Wittner was shot in the back of the head with a .22 long rifle. Brett is a minor child. He had gone to a sleepover and somehow he wound up at the movies with his friends. An adult female unknown to Brett's parents picked up 8 kids, in one car, from the movie theater and took them to her house without parental permission to have a boy/girl sleep over. It was at this house that things went tragically wrong.
The teens were allowed to stay up all night long. It was stated by some of the kids in the home that things were getting out of hand. Brett and another boy had gotten in a fight. Guns, loaded, were laying out in plain view of minor children ranging in ages from 11 to 15 years old. The adults had gone to bed leaving children unsupervised around the loaded weapons. At 6:36am someone in the house called 911 and reported the gun shot.
Brett was rushed to the hospital. There wasn't much anyone could do. His injury was far too severe. Brett now only lives in his family and friend's memories and in the organs that were donated. His life was ended when it was really just beginning.
The Washington Parish Sheriffs Dept only tested one person out of ten for gun shot residue. They did not fingerprint the gun. They refused to test Brett for GSR yet they stated that Brett had shot himself.
Brett was not a contortionist . The medical staff said there was no way it was a self inflicted wound.
Brett was murdered. Someone that was in that home that night knows who pulled the trigger but they aren't speaking up. How can the murder of a child not be thoroughly investigated? How can the WPSO and District Attorney WALTER REED sleep at night knowing they have let a murderer loose in the community? No charges at all have been filed against the home owner that allowed loaded weapons around minor children. Isn't this negligence? How many other children could possibly be harmed in this home? 
Brett's family and friends need answers, support and closure. Please help!

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    • Terrie Martin BUSH, LA
      • 16 days ago

      He was somebody's baby

    • Christopher Hayward GLENDALE, AZ
      • 18 days ago

      We need to regulate guns like we do with people who want to drive.

    • l koll SPENCER, IA
      • 18 days ago

      Because I also lost my son to a gun shot wound when he was just seventeen. The closure that I have is knowing without a doubt that his was self inflicted and no one else was to blame. this family deserves that same closure. I believe Brett was murdered because the facts seem to add up. If the authorities believe it was suicide, such as was my case, then isn't their job to prove that as well. We pay them to investigate not just assume things.

    • Beverly nipper KINGSLAND, GA
      • 19 days ago


    • Candace Metz COVINGTON, LA
      • about 1 month ago

      Im a twice suicide survivor. If Brett didn't committ suicide his family needs to know.


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