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We want our homeland back. Independent Balochistan

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      Kongor Baloch

      Muharraq, AL

This is our basic right. We were an independent state in 11August 1947 and pakistan has occupied our homeland our country Balochistan in 27March 1948. From that day pakistani agencies ISI & MI started abduction kill and dump policy. We Baloch want indepedent Balochistan which is a hunting place of pakistan who are killing and dumping our brothers,siisters and mothers. Our 14,000 Baloch are missing and 1000s have been killed. This is what my petition for. Thanks

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    • beebark baloch QUETTA, NORWAY
      • over 2 years ago

      wee need our own motherland free balochistan

      • over 2 years ago

      Balochistan was divided by the British imperialist powers in three parts (between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan). Pakistan occupied Balochistan declared its Independence on 11 August 1947 when the British were defeated, but the freedom of Balochistan did not last long. The brutal Pakistani army attacked Balochistan and forcefully annexed it to Pakistan on 27 March 1948. Balochistan is an occupied territory and Baloch are struggling for restoration of their Independence. Baloch want nothing less than an Independent Balochistan.

      • over 2 years ago

      Pakistani oppression against Baloch people

      The People of Balochistan struggle for right of self-determination has its genesis in history and culture. Strongly believer of independent, the people of Balochistan have never accepted hegemony and domination of Pakistani establishment in any stage in 5...5 years history of Pakistan. We Baloch never accepted alien domination of Punjabi supremacy. We have been engaged in a constant struggle for self governance since last 55 years which resulted in sever military operation by Pakistani Army in Balochistan and forced migration and displacement of thousands of Baloch’s to Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Pakistan oppression against Baloch people and our struggle against the tyrants. This history begins when Balochistan was forcefully annexed to Pakistan though at that time Balochistan had its own Parliamentary system. It had its own House of Commons and House of Lords. Both the houses unanimously voted not to join Pakistan.

      we want our homeland back .freedom for balochistan thats it.

    • marwan jaggo QUETTA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      actually baloch dont wann be to part of pakistan .it is cluster clear that pakistan isnt our own country our country is only balochestan where poor,innnocent baloch live .since 1947 pakistan captured us with power .in 1973 zulfiqar bottu said that they want only balochestan no need baloch ,they remain or not ,their interst is our resources not on us.now we are fighting against pakistan to give our motherlan.it is requested that to UN to give a us independence country which we desrve.this is my petition thanks for it


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