County Water of Riverside: Stop Pumping Us Poisoned Water!
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County Water of Riverside
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County Water of Riverside: Stop Pumping Us Poisoned Water!

    1. Robyn Lippincott
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      Robyn Lippincott

      Wildomar, CA

County Water of Riverside has been pumping poisoned water into more than 100 homes in Wildomar for nearly a decade. This water has more than double the legal limit of nitrates. The city, state, county, are all aware of the problem, but we feel like nothing is being done in a reasonable amount of time. These residents are forced to find other ways of obtaining clean water, and that can be diffcult for those who are already low-income and struggling in this economy. The water is not safe to drink, you shouldn't cook in it (it actually makes the nitrates HIGHER!), you shouldn't feed it to your kids or pets (especially infants!), and you probably shouldn't wash in it, either. The water can also make certain health problems worse. This water is not getting better on its own. Studies say the problem is WORSENING by each day that goes on. 


This petition was started by my mother, Robyn. She spent the last six months fighting to get clean water to Wildomar for her family and neighbors. She created this petition just before she passed away on 2/23/13. She tried to tell every city worker, state worker, lawyer, etc that she could find that she would not be alive to see this through. She was right. We must continue this fight for her because everybody deserves clean drinking water. 


Here are some various links about the water issues in Wildomar:


Facebook Support Page:


News Articles:


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    • Cara Daymude BOISE, ID
      • 8 months ago

      Everyone deserves clean water where they live

    • Elizabeth Boswell NEW HARTFORD, NY
      • 9 months ago

      Everyone deserves clean water where they live.

    • Barbara Mayes SPRINGDALE, AR
      • 9 months ago

      This is important to me because it's not healthy.

    • Mary Stovall HAMPTON, VA
      • 9 months ago

      We need water to live. It's a multi-functional commodity that we all need.

    • Misty Stone CANYON LAKE, CA
      • 11 months ago

      Family lives in wildomar and I live in riverside county


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