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Start to sell custom shoes out of USA.
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Converse Inc.

Start to sell custom shoes out of USA.

    1. Enrico Carnemolla
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      Enrico Carnemolla

      Porto Tolle, Italy

US people can create a personal model of shoes. I dream to do the same, why not? There isn't a valid argumentation to explain why we can't be able to express ourselves with a pair of shoes designed by our creativity. Converse was a reference for me and I hope it understand how many important is for me to create my custom shoes.

Converse Inc.
I love your brand since I buy my first pair of Converse. Now, I'm asking you to start to sell custom shoes around the world, beacause I trust in you and I'm hoping you could allow me to express myself wity your shoes.

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    • Enrico Carnemolla PORTO TOLLE, ITALY
      • over 1 year ago

      Darebbe l'opportunità ad ognuno di noi di esprimere noi stessi.


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