City of Alexandria - Put People Before Cars!
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City of Alexandria - Put People Before Cars!

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Why should Arlington and DC get all the attention? Alexandria – the original walkable city – has the chance to leap ahead in green transportation with new transit, expanded biking, and safer walking. In the process, we can improve our health, fight climate change, and prevent traffic from overwhelming the city.

Do you want more Capitol Bikeshare, safer bike lanes, walkable development, new rapid transit, and a Potomac Yard Metro station? Do you want to make sure the city puts people ahead of cars cutting through our city?

Then, please sign the petition to Alexandria officials to show your support for sustainable transportation solutions!

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    • rachel grimsley ALEXANDRIA, VA
      • 10 months ago

      I lived in Alexandria for years and there were never enough buses or other safe ways to get around to see my friends, or even get to school! I've been hit by cars in Alexandria TWICE and both times they were very expensive cars with drivers who took off without saying a word about it. My house is by the waterfront in Old Town and the Old Town trolley was the best! We should work on potentially bringing more free transit to the people who live by these commercial areas such as King St.

    • dawn MacLear ALEXANDRIA, VA
      • 11 months ago

      Since adults are NOT able to understand that crossing the street ILLEGALLY is illegal, this idea is being put forth in a city that is too stupid to function correctly to begin with. PS. if the drivers cannot see you, they CANNOT SEE YOU. We put leashes on dogs so that they do not run in the street and then, tell people to run in the street. You are EMBARRASSING!


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