Citizens movement in support of the Tibetan people
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Citizens movement in support of the Tibetan people

    1. France-Tibet et Buddhaline .
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      France-Tibet et Buddhaline .

      Paris, France

The situation keeps worsening in Tibet. The Chinese government has removed the most fundamental rights of Tibetans. Since 2011, more than 100 monks, nuns and Tibetan civilians were forced to set themselves on fire to express their despair at Chinese repression.

As concerned citizens, worthy heirs of the fundamental values of democratic countries, we are asking parliamentarians to adopt a parliamentary resolution that will renew the dialogue between the Chinese government and Tibetan Prime Minister. 

We also urge political leaders to support resolutions and every efforts to find a peaceful solution to the Tibet issue to ensure the protection of its people, its culture survival now threatened by a real cultural genocide and the protection of the environment.

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    2. Jacques Salomé dedicates this poem to the Tibetan people

      France-Tibet et Buddhaline .
      Petition Organizer

      " The life source of  everywhere "

      The life source of everywhere on our Earth.
      It sometimes sparkles, more alive in some secret and bright corners of the Universe
      and I know it a who today is in danger.
      It is one of these places privileged person where the co-birth is present,
      where the life comes be loved,
      where the fervour to be is present,
      where the meeting with the divine which lives in us is a way opened for each.
      The freedom shines of everywhere, it is thus up to us to protect it to make it more alive to those who are dispossessed of it.

      Jacques Salomé / September 27th, 2012


    Reasons for signing

    • yoann BERNARD FRANCE
      • 8 months ago


    • Kathi Sabot CHINO VALLEY, AZ
      • 11 months ago

      Freedom to live one's cultural and religious beliefs, without violence/fear/retribution by an oppressive military, is important to everyone. The Chinese politicians are using their military force inappropriately, to extinguish the Tibetan people, based upon greed and of course, ignorance.

    • Anna Ruzsinszki BUDAPEST, HUNGARY
      • 12 months ago

      Because the key to human survival on this Planet is hidden into Tibetan Freedom Movements to be succeeded

    • Irmgard Thoms DARMSTADT, GERMANY
      • over 1 year ago

      I support every effort to find a peaceful solution to the Tibet issue to ensure the protection of the Tibetan people, culture and religion.


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