Cast a Ginger Woman of Color as the 12th Doctor
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Cast a Ginger Woman of Color as the 12th Doctor

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      Sean Leek

      Tacoma, WA

Both women and people of color need better representation in media as strong main characters. Doctor Who has a history of casting white men in the role of the Doctor, even though he has to ability to regenerate between both gender and race, as proven by other Time Lords. It is time to add a bit more diversity to the casting process of this popular British show! And ginger, because ginger.

Doctor Who Casting Team
Please cast a ginger woman of color as the 12th doctor, in order to add diversity to the show as well as give important representation to these minority cultures.

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    • Garrett Nelson CASTLE ROCK, WA
      • about 1 year ago

      I think it is very important to get some representation of color on this very white washed show!


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