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Buffalo Common Council to approve the "Buffalo Marijuana Act"

Support the "Buffalo Marijuana Act"

    1. Anthony Baney
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      Anthony Baney

      Buffalo, NY

The Buffalo Marijuana Act outlines 3 main points,
1. The legalization for medical marijuana
2. Lowest Police Priority and decriminalization for under 35 grams (Up from 25 grams in NYS)
3. The right to grow industrial hemp
These are all important because many studies have shown that medical marijuana has been shown to be useful. For example: 1. A scientific survey conducted in 1990 by Harvard University researchers found that
54% of oncologists with an opinion favored the controlled medical availability of marijuana,
and 44% had already suggested at least once that a patient obtain marijuana illegally.

2. tens of thousands of patients nationwide – people with AIDS, cancer, glaucoma,
chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis – have found marijuana in its natural form to be
therapeutically beneficial
and are already using it with their doctors’ approval; and,
WHEREAS numerous organizations have endorsed medical access to marijuana, including the
AIDS Action Council, American Nurses Association, American Academy of HIV Medicine,
American Bar Association, American Medical Student Association, American Preventive

3. “The Medical Value of Marijuana and Related Substances,” Chapter 4 of the Institute of Medicine’s Marijuana and
Medicine: Assessing the Science Base (Washington: National Academy Press, 1999), lists 198 references in its
analysis of marijuana’s medical uses.
From Principal Investigator Dr. John Benson’s opening remarks at the Institute of Medicine’s news conferences
releasing the report Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base (March 17, 1999).
R. Doblin and M. Kleiman, “Marijuana as Antiemetic Medicine,” Journal of Clinical Oncology 9 (1991): 1314-

4. The therapeutic value of marijuana is supported by existing research and experience. For example, the following
statement appeared in the American Medical Association’s “Council on Scientific Affairs Report 10 – Medicinal
Marijuana,” adopted by the AMA House of Delegates on December 9, 1997:
*“Smoked marijuana was comparable to or more effective than oral THC, and considerably more effective than
prochlorperazine or other previous antiemetics in reducing nausea and emesis.” (page 10)
*“Anecdotal, survey, and clinical data support the view that smoked marijuana and oral THC provide symptomatic
relief in some patients with spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) or trauma.” (page 13)
*“Smoked marijuana may benefit individual patients suffering from intermittent or chronic pain.” (page 15) Medical Association, American Public Health Association, California Academy of Family
Physicians, California Legislative Council for Older Americans, California Medical Association,
California Nurses Association, California-Pacific Society of Addiction Medicine, Florida
Medical Association, Gray Panthers, Lymphoma Foundation of America, Multiple Sclerosis
California Action Network, National Association for Public Health Policy, National Association
of Attorneys General,, National Association of People with AIDS, National Black Police
Association, National Women’s Health Network, New York State Nurses Association, Public
Citizen, Virginia Nurses Association, Whitman-Walker Clinic (Washington, D.C.), Women of
Reform Judaism; and,
WHEREAS a scientific survey conducted in 1995 by Belden & Russonello (a Washington, D.C.-
based polling firm) indicated 79% of U.S, voters support the idea of “legaliz[ing] marijuana to
relieve pain and for other medical uses if prescribed by a doctor;”

Also there are many uses for hemp, including replacing plastics, cutting down trees for paper, and even lowering the price of gas by processing hemp bio fuel. There are many oils that hemp can be made into also.

Buffalo Common Council to approve the "Buffalo Marijuana Act"
Support the "Buffalo Marijuana Act"

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    • Hope Devor PINE CITY, NY
      • 6 months ago

      I have high anixtey and high blood pressure none of the meds were working then I started smokng Marijuana I got my life back i have the patentice to play with my kids my Life im so happy the docters took me off the meds.. Im a diffrent person now and i would suport this till my dieing my breath

    • Pamela Quattrini HORSEHEADS, NY
      • 6 months ago

      I believe in marijuana's beneficial aspects for all cogent beings.

    • William Holmes ELMIRA, NY
      • 6 months ago

      i have medical proublems i am sick of the pain meds they have me on

    • Christina Bowes ELMIRA, NY
      • 6 months ago

      I do not smoke it myself but it was put on this earth by god when he created the world there is nothing wrong with it and I honestly think it would create more jobs for people to grow and sell it. Also it has been shown to have many uses in the medical field. So why cant we tax it and sell it?

    • Brad Baker ELMIRA, NY
      • 6 months ago

      I was born with Cerebral Palsy, I'm wheelchair bound, a proud father, musician, artist, and college student. Marijuana relieves much of the suffering due to many disabilities such as mine. Furthermore, I believe wholeheartedly that there is absolutely nothing wrong (ethically nor morally) with this natural growing life-form and believe in the evidence of it's natural gifts as a hope for the future of our species.


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