AWLQ: Stop lying to the public
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AWLQ: Stop lying to the public

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This petition was started as a response to AWLQ accusing Ipswich City Council of breaking their contact due to allegations of neglect, but its time for you all to know the truth.
This all started when a member of the public went to look at some kittens for rehoming, she was horrified to find some kittens in rehoming pens where unwell. She contacted AWLQ head office and advise that she wanted these animals to recieve medical attention. She was assured this would happen, so as a response and in looking out for these animal's welfare she advised that if treatment was not recieved she would be contacting the media. AWLQ was given 4hrs to comply with this request and did not. Media was called as a result and unfortunatly the animals still did not recieve treatment until 3days later. I feel that AWLQ have brought the media on themself, all they needed to do was provide treatment for animals that were unwell.

 But this is still not the point, Not only were they warned of the media being contacted but they have also recieved numerous warnings in regards to breaches to their contracted duties from Ipswich City Council. AWLQ chose to ignore these warnings, the real reason AWLQ have been suspended from operation in Ipswich is due to these breaches not due to the brave and couragous volunteer who decided to go on the news and speak truth for the animals.
Anyone who volunteers or works at AWLQ Ipswich has known about these breaches for months and still nothing changed, As a member of the Ipswich community and an animal activist myself I think it is all time we stop and think. Ipswich City Council would not suspend a contract unless there was cause to do so.

I completely support the Animal Welfare League and everything they are trying to achive on a whole but in this case Ipsiwch City Council have it right.

Lastly, most people signing the apposing petition are worried about the euthanasia rates going back up when I can 100% assure you that the rates of Euthanasia while AWLQ were in control were just as high as they were when ICC where running the pound. Yes AWLQ rehomed more animals but these animals were not behaviour assesed meaning they may have been sending animals out into our community that were not safe to do so. This not only can cause serious problems in the community but was a major breach of the contract with the council. This along with MANY other breaches is the reason for the contract to be suspended, so please sign this petition and show your support to Ipswich City Council who are not only trying to do the right thing by the animals but also by YOU the people of the community.

Denise Bradley, AWLQ
Stop lying to the public

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    • sheree kickbusch AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      because animals rights will always be 1st in my book...they awl did wrong withholding medication so they need to be held accountable for their actions!!!!! and closing them down was the best thing to do...

    • Gretta Bentley BUCCAN, AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Animals are defenceless, they rely on caring people to improve their quality of life when others just couldn't give a damn.

    • Stephanie mullins AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      these girls supported my friend and I for nearly a year while looking for our dog....they always have done the best they can, they are all for the animals....more support from them than my mate just got a new dog from them, no worries....they are just wonderful......

      • over 1 year ago

      The animals need professional care

    • Sarah Gorham AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Animals are just like humans. You would treat your child if they were sick..... Wouldn't you?


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