Australian Parliament : Reverse the decision to move single parents to Newstart
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Australian Parliament : Reverse the decision to move single parents to Newstart

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      1,000,000 emails to Canberra against social injustice to single Parents

The Australian Government has abandoned part of the Australian population, single parents. Most single parents do not choose to raise their children on their own it is something that is thrust on them. The current Australian government in its policy of forcing single parents of children 8 years and above on to Newstart has again made a decision for these parents without taking into account the effect it will have.

Submissions by the Australian council of social services, charities and other welfare advocates were ignored when the government turned a deaf ear to their concerns even though the government were told there would be disastrous social consequences and hardships felt by the children of single parents effected by these changes. This Government abandoned those least able to defend themselves. By not listening to those who understand the problems they have left a section of our society with little ability to have its voice heard.

The former labor government and the new coalition Government has proved itself uncaring and according to (Bill Shorten) “heartless and out of touch” with the cost of modern living expecting single people to live on $35 per day let alone with children to support feed and educate.  Ask yourself if this can be done so simply without public outcry, what section of Australian society will be attacked next. Will it be you, will you be the next one who finds that you can no longer afford the basics of living such as rent and food let alone provide an education for your child.

What we want is for the Government to be a Parliament that values the contribution parents provide to the future citizens of this country.  To raise the base rate of Newstart for single parents that has a child under 16 in their care to the equivalent of Parenting Payment single.  Make their job search requirements the same as for PPS and allow them full access to the job search network.  Provide one free 6 month skills retraining course for any parent who wishes to apply. When a single parent finds employment outside the job network services pay them the same bonus paid to employment providers when they have held that position for 6 months.

I represent a group on Face book  called "1,000,000 emails to Canberra against social injustice to single Parents" If you’re a single parent please sign this petition, If you believe that what has happened to single parents is wrong please sign this petition. Please visit our Face book page join our fight, we will be running an email campaign in the days before the first day of Parliament 2013 we will have a bulk email list for every sitting member of the Australian Parliament so you can tell your story or show your displeasure to the politicians so they can see we are not simply number to be shifted from page to page.

Thank you for your time reading this.

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    • sharon bradley THE BOTTOM, AUSTRALIA
      • 3 months ago

      my daughter is a single mother and this will be a bad thing for her there are very few jobs in our area and with the ema finishing soon how will she pay fees at school .we are heading for a uneducated groop of children who will only be a problem to the public .its hard to raise children with cost going up and up .

    • Jennifer Brenton AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      It is now almost a year since my children and I were forced onto Newstart. I have been a widow for five years, since my children were 7&8 yrs old. Before that I was forced onto the sole parent pension as my marriage fell apart due to my husband's choices. I was a primary school teacher but fell apart emotionally after years of stress. My daughter also has a medical condition that doesn't qualify for carer payment, just allowance even though it affects her and my son every day. So now it is Christmas again and it is just sad. My son started highschool this year and did not settle well so needed more parenting, as did my daughter in year 6. They both started going through puberty in September 2012 and are very hungry so i am growing vegetables. They both struggle with their Dad's death and need counselling. I feel like we are being punished for something that is not our fault. We can't afford entertainment so it is hard to socialise without embarrassment. Please consider the cost to my ch

    • bridgette birda MAROOCHYDORE, AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      My child turned 8 we can't live on newstart

      It's impossible

    • natasha boyd WODONGA, AUSTRALIA
      • 5 months ago

      Because we don't all choose to become single parents quite often there are many circumstances which usually leave the parent and children with nothing and trying to start again even with qualifications trying to find work that fits with school hours and then having to try and rely on family (if your lucky) or friends to help as after and before school care is to expensive take into account travel times to and from work plus also still running the household trying to help our future generation with homework and problems and actually spending some time with our kids.....doing this by yourself 24/7 is hard enough without the extra worry of losing more assistance. Some are fortunate enough to receive help from former partner but their are many of us this is not an option.

    • michhell mclaren PT WILLUNGA, AUSTRALIA
      • 5 months ago

      Children are on school holidays for 13 weeks per year making it impossible to hold a job with paid holidays for a 1/4 of the year. Sole parent children deserve holidays too- stop this discrimination! 2 & 1/2 years of holidays over 8years. Newstart is a temporary payment, however it is possible the parent may remain single while being so time poor while the children finish school.

      The labour market is 'softening' so why are men sitting around on the dole with sole parents and are competing for jobs while sole parents have to do hours of work to run the house solo. This is not a cost saving, it is trying to change the declining morals of society throught the victims- the women and children abandoned by their partner- and the state!


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