Aksys Games Localization, Inc.: Localization of Fate/EXTRA CCC
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Aksys Games Localization, Inc.: Localization of Fate/EXTRA CCC

    1. Alexis Turnbough
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      Alexis Turnbough

      Arnold, MO

Aksys Games,

Thank you for taking the time to read this petition. As you know from the title this is a letter to address the issue of the localization of Fate/EXTRA CCC, which was released a few days ago on March 28, 2013 in Japan. From the data gathered by Siliconera the game has sold 72,883 units, around the same amount as the first game.

As such we, the fans of the series, ask of you to speak with TYPE-MOON and Marvelous to see if the company may bring the game to the USA and PAL territories just as you have done for the first game Fate/EXTRA. I am unsure of the success of the game in North America but rumors have spread that the US has outperformed Japan when it came to selling the game. If this is true or not I cannot say but either way fans have been eager to see this game released in North America, and the fact that your forums are polluted with Fate/EXTRA CCC and many new users joining just to see this happen has proven that.

We do not require dubbing, just a translation as you have done with the first game. And we are aware the PSP has been dying lately but if it is possible to release a PSN and UMD that would be wonderful. I can promise you that we won't complain and only ask for this. Please take our wish into consideration and grant us the privilege to play this game.

A Fan of the Fate/stay night series.

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    2. over 1000!!!

      Alexis Turnbough
      Petition Organizer

      we reach 1000 signers! keep it up!!!

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    Reasons for signing

      • 1 day ago

      I love the Fate series and would like to have the chance to play this game.

      • 2 days ago

      dude, this game is a rare gem, why shouldn't you translate it?

      • 2 days ago

      Because it's Fate.

    • Harold Haddick STAUNTON, VA
      • 3 days ago

      Because Fate/Extra was probably the best game I've played on the PSP, and I'd love to play the sequel.

    • Sainar Emperor Москва, г. Москва, Россия, KAZAKHSTAN
      • 4 days ago

      Theres a lot of fun in this game, a lot of people related to characters of this game, yet theres no fun if you dont know translation.


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