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We are We support all those working to change policies and environments to help children and families eat well and move more, especially in communities at highest risk for obesity.

Driven by a belief that technology has created the opportunity to tap the talents, creativity, expertise and energy of potential collaborators, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) launched to harness the power of online networks to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic.

Our approach is to first identify both current successful approaches as well as unmet needs within the community of leaders working on childhood obesity issues. Where successful approaches exist, we see our role as highlighting and sharing those successes within the movement. Where unmet needs exist, we are creating innovative online services or leveraging existing tools to meet those needs. Through these approaches we aim to support a more effective movement for change and make it easier for all advocates to know and capitalize on current activities, strategies, successes and lessons. By using technology to bring together a greater number of people who seek to improve the health of our children, families and communities, we will create a network that becomes smarter and more helpful as more people use it.

The goals of the networking strategies are to:

Build a base of grassroots advocates who engage in efforts to change policies and places in ways that will help to prevent childhood obesity and reverse the epidemic.Provide tools to help people organize more easily, more powerfully and with greater reach and awareness.


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