Fur Free LA

Fur Free LA

Fur Free Los Angeles is an organization of compassionate fashionistas seeking to ban the sale of fur in ALL of Los Angeles. We have successfully organized campaigns which lead to Brandy Melville, LF Stores, Planet Blue, True Religion, and Urban Outfitters all going fur free. Our ultimate goal at Fur Free LA is to ban the sale of fur everywhere. However, we're most sucsessful when we think globally, but act locally. Our campaigns target boutiques and shops with locations in Los Angeles that set trends and have a high profile clientele. By targeting stores with an influence in fashion, our fur free movement has the most impact. Our campaigns focus on positive reinforcement. We do not wish for any stores to go out of business. Quite the contrary. We fully support stores that have gone fur free, and encourage shoppers to support stores that have chosen to put compassion in fashion. No campaign is complete until we have a written confirmation that our target store has gone completely fur free. Currently, we have campaigns with INTERMIX and Kitson



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