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Keep the Winchester Child Development Center open

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      Northern Shenandoah Valley Autism Resource

Effective July 1, the Child Development Clinic in Winchester will no longer be seeing clients, and that they will be closing their doors later this summer because the Department of Health will no longer fund their program. If you also feel saddened by this news, and would like to do something to help advocate for our friends at the CDC, please sign this petition. As it currently stands, any child in our area who needs an evaluation will now have to go to the Harrisonburg/JMU clinic (imagine your child on his or her worst day, having to drive well over an hour one way, and then having to sit through an evaluation!!). Additionally, don't forget that the CDC also facilitates the DD Waiver application process for our kids! WE NEED THE CDC IN OUR COMMUNITY! Please, if ever the time to advocate, now is the time. This is a PRECIOUS community service provider for the Northern Shenandoah Valley, and I cannot fathom not having them in our neighborhood.
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    2. Call the VDH director of Family Health Services!!!

      Dr. Laurie Kalanges
      Director of Family Health Services
      Virginia Department of Health
      (804) 864-7170

      Let her know how much the CDC means to you and your family!!!

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      Our TV3 Winchester news spot

      Parents Speak Out About CDC Closure

      The Winchester Virginia CDC is being closed. Help us keep it open by signing the petition at: https://www.change.org/petitions/virginia-department-of-health-keep-the-winchester-child-development-center-open

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    5. Save the Winchester CDC on TV!!!

      This sunday (Mothers Day) TV3 Winchester will be interviewing parents of children affected by the closing of the CDC. The story should run 11PM Sunday night as well as 6AM Monday morning! www.tv3winchester.com has a live stream for all their broadcasts and usually upload the video soon after! Be sure to watch us fight for our children!

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    • Marilyn Pyles FALLS CHURCH, VA
      • 10 months ago

      I am a social worker and I have a son with Autism. Raising him in rural WV long drives for evaluation and treatment were the norm and I know how difficult that is, especially as a single mother. With Autism on the rise, we need more and diverse resources not to be closing the ones we already have.

    • Dionne McKinney LOUISVILLE, KY
      • 11 months ago

      My 12 year old son was recently diagnosed with Aspergers and couldn't imagine having to travel to another city just for services.

    • James Crabill STEPHENS CITY, VA
      • 12 months ago

      Health care for all young children is important because it is the time when our bodies change the most. They are also more common to getting sick with their devleoping bodies and parents need this option

    • Liesl Baldwin WINCHESTER, VA
      • 12 months ago

      The child development clinic has help countless children I have worked with. It would be devastating to lose the help in our area.

    • Nicole Kane PITCAIRN, PA
      • about 1 year ago

      I have several family members living in Winchester who have special needs children.


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