Tell the Senate: We've Had Enough. Stop Republican Obstruction.
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Tell the Senate: We've Had Enough. Stop Republican Obstruction.

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Judicial nominations have been the centerpiece of Republican obstruction in Washington. Using every trick at their disposal to filibuster or deny votes to qualified nominees, they’ve created a vacancy crisis on the federal bench that is denying access to justice for countless Americans.

The recent election should be a wake-up call that it's time to stop blocking the confirmation of the president's nominees -- virtually all of whom are definitively uncontroversial and enjoy bipartisan support. We now have a chance to right a very serious wrong and confirm all the nominees who have already been confirmed by the Judiciary Committee but whose confirmations are still pending.

It’s time for the obstruction to end once and for all. Take action today and tell Republican Senators to confirm the president's judicial nominees!

U.S. Senate
The Senate must confirm the judges who will keep faith to the Constitution--its amendments, its history, and its core values like equality and justice under the law.

We've had enough delay and procedural foot dragging. It's time for Republicans to stop their obstruction of judicial nominees. We need as many Americans speaking up and telling the GOP to end its delays as we can get.

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    • Linda R COVINA, CA
      • over 1 year ago

      Going to court is already too expensive and takes too much time. Prolonged and unnecessary vacancies on the bench are antithetical to justice which, last I heard, is one of the core values of our country.

    • Frederick Smith GARDEN CITY, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      The Constitution never provided that the Senate could require a super-majority to make the final decision on the confirmation of a Presidential nominee by a simple majority. The Senate was supposed to be the cooling, deliberative house, but surely Madison would have been astounded that a minority could thus block a majority from performing its constitutional duty to approve or disapprove the President's nominees. They call for a super-majority for treaty passage, or conviction of an impeached President? Why not for approval of nominations?


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