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Take a Stand for Parks!

Take a Stand for Parks!

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      The Trust For Public Land

Today, there is only one park for every 14,000 Americans. And with the U.S. losing 2 million acres to development each year – that’s 3 acres every minute – we're all at risk of losing the beautiful places that keep us healthy, build strong neighborhoods, and connect us to nature and to each other.

At The Trust for Public Land, we believe connection to nature is a human right. That’s why we’re working to put safe parks and playgrounds within walking distance of families across America.

If you’re passionate about protecting parks and green spaces, pledge to spend more time in them. Have a picnic. Throw the Frisbee. Play fetch with the dog. Get outside!

I pledge to support protecting parks and green spaces and to spend one hour every week at my local park.

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