Science Diet: Don't double food costs for animal shelters!
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Science Diet: Don't double food costs for animal shelters!

    1. Elizabeth Ellis
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      Elizabeth Ellis

      Baltimore, MD

Shelter pets need you! Most animal shelters and rescues already struggle to stay afloat financially. Almost 1,000 animal shelters and rescues across the United States rely on the Hill's Food, Shelter & Love™ program for affordable Science Diet dry dog and cat food for the animals in their care.  The cost of that food is about to double!

For over a decade, Hill's has generously provided dry food to their shelter partners for only the cost of shipping. In return, these organizations have advocated on behalf of the brand and provided adopter information to Hill's. Hill's has recently announced that beginning April 1st, 2013 they plan to mandate a new contract which would effectively double* the cost of each bag of food  which may make the program unaffordable for many shelters and rescue groups.

*(ie: a 20-lb bag of kitten food is currently $7 and will be raised to $14 under the new contract)

Please ask Hill's (and their parent company, Colgate-Palmolive) to grandfather-in those organizations currently participating in the Hill's Food, Shelter & Love™ at the current food rates or the future ability of thousands of shelters to keep the bellies homeless dogs and cats full is in jeopardy.

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    1. They chose greed over the lives of animals

      Elizabeth Ellis
      Petition Organiser

      Boycott Hill's and Colgate-Palmolive products.

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    3. Rescues & Shelters -- Hill's is listening and needs to hear from YOU!

      Elizabeth Ellis
      Petition Organiser

      Did you know that every time someone signs this petition, an individual email is sent to each of the recipients listed in their name?

      Just a few hours after this petition began, I received a phone call from Hill's! They asked if I would consider taking the petition down and I said I would do that once our demands had been met.

      I urge everyone to follow up with direct emails to the powers that be at Hill's. It is important that they understand how this decision will impact their partner organizations, shelter animals as well as their reputation.

      Hill's Pet Nutrition CEO, Kosas Kontopanos:

      Food, Shelter & Love Program Manager, Dianne Perkins:

      And don't forget the Hill's Facebook page!

      ..........Of course, sign & share share share!

      We are definitely on their radar! Keep the pressure on and maybe they will reconsider this action which will hurt so many homeless animals.

      - Lizzie

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    5. Decision-maker Kostas Kontopanos responds:

      Kostas Kontopanos

      Dear Elizabeth,
      Thank you for your participation in the Hill’s Food, Shelter and Love program and your contribution to helping homeless pets. Hill’s has been committed to helping shelter pets find loving homes for over 10 years and we co...

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    Reasons for signing

    • Sheryl Husch WARRENSBURG, MO
      • 6 months ago

      because they are struggling as it is to try and give these animals a home, they don't need an added cost on top of that..............

    • Catherine Roberts GLEN BURNIE, MD
      • 6 months ago

      This is important because shelters and rescues struggle financially. They have to fight and scrape for each dollar they have and they need that money to rescue and treat animals in need. Discounted food is VERY important. And VERY helpful!

    • Ellen Wilson COLUMBIA, MD
      • about 1 year ago

      People who shelter/foster animals do a great job. Raising the cost of food may force them to take in less animals. Please reconsider. I'm sure there must be some kind of tax write-off for supplying this food at cost to them. Thank you

    • Mary E Richardson WESTERLY, RI
      • about 1 year ago

      Shelter dogs are in so much need, already. Many have been abused, abandoned, etc. and many will never get 'forever'

      homes. Denying them good food is just plain cruel. P

      ersonally, I will swutch brands and never but Science Diet again unless things change, rapidly.

    • Lisa Spurlock BETHLEHEM, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      I work at a shelter and I know how hard it is to keep them open and running. Please don't raise the cost to shelters. It could mean some won't be able to continue their work.


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