Restore the EITC to help families get back to work
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Restore the EITC to help families get back to work

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The Michigan Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) was slashed by 70 percent in 2011, and that action will have a big impact on working families who are struggling to pay the bills, raise their kids, and get to work. We need to invest in the future of families and children in order to make Greater Detroit greater.

Join us in asking the Michigan Legislature to restore the EITC. It’s proven to be among the most effective anti-poverty tools at our disposal, with demonstrated effectiveness at getting parents back to work, helping kids succeed in school, and breaking the cycle of poverty.

The EITC is a modest investment that makes a critical difference. It’s time for Michigan to put working families first. Sign the petition to Michigan lawmakers asking them to restore the EITC.

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