Reject any plans for privatisation
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Queensland Premier Campbell Newman

Reject any plans for privatisation

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      Working For Queenslanders

Privatisation is the handing over of government services to non-government service providers.

The government has released its flawed response to the the flawed ‘independent’ Costello report and has announced its plans for privatisation of health services, disability services, child protection, housing schools, and prisons. It's privatisation dressed up as contestability. 

This document is not a blueprint for Queensland’s future, it’s a recipe for destruction. It represents an ideological goal of hollowed-out public services, job losses, less accountability to the public, and massive economic pain. 

Here and abroad, privatisation has been a recipe for worse services, lower wages, and less access for those most in need.

Privatisation of public services means:
• No accountability for when service delivery goes wrong.
• No say for the community in the management of local hospitals, prisons or schools.
• Cost-cutting and job losses.
• Fewer services for people in need.
• Less access to services that regional families rely on.
• Less support for hospital patients, the elderly, the sick, and those in need.
• Private companies running our prisons for a profit.
• Schools that are run to focus on budgets and not the interests of the local community.

Campbell Newman promised that there would be no privatisation of Queensland assets ‘without a mandate’ but his government is now walking away from that promise, and walking away from its responsibility to deliver services.

We are saying to Campbell Newman: no privatisation, not now, not ever. Keep Queensland’s services public and accountable, not run by big companies for profit.

For the Queensland we all deserve. 

Tweet to @theqldpremier today or send him a message on Facebook – and after you’ve done that, sign up to the Working for Queenslanders movement to help spread our message further.

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    1. Reached 50,000 signatures
    2. Supporters like you are energising our movement.

      Thanks to everybody that is signing our petition and helping to grow our movement for quality services. Already, hundreds of volunteers have committed to spread the word by coming to community forums, talking to their MP and letterboxing their local area. You can join them and continue to spread the word by downloading some of our flyers.

      We know the Queensland community is with us in this fight against privatisation, let's get out there and talk about why quality services matter. Let's keep it up.

      A better Queensland. It starts with us.

      Take Action

      Queenslanders are already taking action for quality services in their local community. Queenslanders understand that privatisation will mean services that cost more for their families and equal reduced services when they need them.

    3. Reached 15,000 signatures
    4. There's 4000 more.

      Great news. On top of hitting 22,000 online we've got 4000 signatures from supporters talking to people and getting people to sign calling on Premier Campbell Newman to reject privatisation. Let's keep it going, it's great to see the activity online, but also that people are getting beyond the keyboard for quality services for all Queenslanders.

    5. Set our agenda. Have your say

      Right now, Working for Queenslanders supporters are having their say on their priorities for quality services in the Queensland we all deserve. Join them by clicking this link. Closes 5pm Wednesday 29th May.

    6. Delivering a better Queensland

      Delivering a better Queensland -- That's what our Working for Queenslanders movement is all about.

      Now, Queensland politicians are talking about its Queensland Plan process, which kicked off in Mackay on May 10. This is our chance to tell them that any Queensland Plan should include a discussion about elected representatives responsibility to deliver services, not just act as a sales agent of our services.

      It's a question of the sort of Queensland we want to live in, will it be a Queensland that we live up to our shared responsibility to deliver services to make it a better place to live, work and grow or will we let our elected representatives walk away from their responsibility by having big companies run our services? Who will be accountable when services fail, how does the community have their voice heard on changing services for delivery?

      So, once you've signed our petition, sign up to the Queensland Plan, be part of it, for a better Queensland. It starts with us.

      Queensland Plan | Queensland Government

      The Plan will be developed during 2013 through a collaborative process involving community members, business and industry representatives, state and local government officers and Members of Parliament. The Queensland Plan will not be a government vision; it will be Queensland's vision...

    7. Reached 12,500 signatures
    8. It's about people

      It's about people. We know it's something that people that have signed this petition understand. That when we talk about privatisation, or when the government dresses it up in language like contestability, we are talking about a reduction in services, a reduction in services for our regions and a reduction in the government's responsibility do deliver services.

      Don't forget to jump on our Working For Queenslanders site to get the latest on the movement, to get materials to take action to keep spreading the word. We know that Queenslanders are with you in opposition to privatisation, now , with your help, we need to make our voice even louder and take action.

      Let's get to it -- for a better Queensland for our kids.

      Take Action

      Queenslanders are already taking action for quality services in their local community. Queenslanders understand that privatisation will mean services that cost more for their families and equal reduced services when they need them.

    9. The Costello Commission has been released

      On Tuesday, the Costello Report was released along with the Newman government's response. This is a flawed response to a flawed report, a plan for privatisation of essential services, privatisation that leads to the hollowing out of the services that help make our communities better places to live, work and grow.

      They might not talk much about privatisation, instead the government has dressed up its plans in the language of contestability, because it knows Queenslanders understand that privatisation leads to a reduction in services.

      This is a fight that we can win, keep spreading the word and sharing this petition. Ahead of the Newman Government's Queensland Plan summit, let's make it absolutely clear that it's our shared responsibility to deliver quality services, a responsibility that shouldn't be sold off.

      A Plan: Better Services for Queenslanders (Queensland Treasury and Trade)

      The Queensland Government's response to the recommendations of the Queensland Commission of Audit was tabled by Treasurer and Minister for Trade Tim Nicholls MP on 30 April 2013.

    10. Reached 8,000 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • Bec Bowen AUSTRALIA
      • 3 months ago

      Rebecca Bowen

      What happens when they sell off all of Australia, were will our jobs and revenue come from. How about the politicians of Australia do the right thing and take a pay cut and all the retired politicians give up all their lurks and perks, the retired ones as well. Imagine the millions this country would save.

    • Sharyn Foley AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      The quality of care will not be of a high standard as the Budget will dictate the services

    • Julie Neild AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      Profit and services are not a good mix. I think this is a dangerous road to go down.

      • 4 months ago

      Privatisation 'en globo' inevitably leads to 'single bottom line' ($$$) outcomes, rather than more equitable 'triple bottom line' outcomes, which allow for social and environmental factoring into decision making.

    • max herbert AUSTRALIA
      • 4 months ago

      As a devoted disability carer for the past 25 yrs both non government and government services I see the privitisation as a great step back to the superior care services DSQ provides been there done that think of our most vulnerable citizens Campbell Newman


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