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Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia: Provide a table for Bitch Please: Trans Woman Distro at the 2013 Zine Fair

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      Bitch Please: Trans Woman Distro

Bitch Please: Trans Woman Distro provides the community with access to political and creative works made by trans women. In both wider society as well as queer and trans communities, trans women's voices are often ignored or de-prioritised in favour of other people's ideas about our lives, bodies and experiences. The MCA Zine Fair is an excellent opportunity for us to bring some vital resources to a large audience and challenge commonly held assumptions about us. This is an important political and educational project.

We are shocked that we have been rejected from participating this year and call on the MCA to provide a table for our organisation at the 2013 zine fair.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia
Provide a table for Bitch Please: Trans Woman Distro at the 2013 Zine Fair

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    • amelia walker AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Last year I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (aka PCOS), a condition that causes high testosterone levels and other hormonal fluctuations. During that time, reading the works of brilliant writers like Kate Bornstein really helped me to accept my situation and to recognise that rigid gender boundaries oppress us all - even those of us who may not be "trans" or "queer" in the sense that such terms are normally understood.

      • over 1 year ago

      The entire purpose of zines (and pamphlets since the 18th century) is to enable democratised publishing and distribution of perspectives sidelined by mainstream media. The MCA Zine Fair should exist to honour these values. We know from speaking to other applicants that this year the MCA exercised a curatorial policy that was not disclosed to any applicants, and which has rejected Bitch Please. As a distributor of zines by trans women, Bitch Please is unique and culturally and intellectually essential. MCA needs to reveal and rethink its priorities, and give Bitch Please a table.

    • And West AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Because trans women need more representation, not less. I'm freaking appalled that the MCA made this decision in the first place, they need to rectify it.

    • Kk Munn AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      As a big time zine reader who has lived and learned so much through zine and zine culture I'm angry about this decision.

      I have to ask you, seriously MCA, what are your priorities for inclusion in the MCA Zine Fair 2013 ? Or more importantly what are you going to actively exclude in this process, as this is what your doing now - actively excluding.

      By excluding Bitch Please, an awesome distro with great content prioritizing the voices of trans women, your sending a message that these voices do not deserve to be heard. As Bitch Pleasen says in their letter to you, these are voices that are often de-prioritized.

      I think exclusion is silencing in this decision. This decision is perpetuating further marginalization and I want to know why the MCA Zine Fair thinks these voices deserve to be silenced?

      Did you think about pro-actively prioritizing marginalized voices and their awesome zines and distro's ?

      Zines can be powerful in that for many it's an integral way to connect with each other, learn and grow. Sometimes it's the first way people with shared lived experiences connect with each other, the same lived experiences which are often mis/underrepresented in the mainstream media.

      Zines can provide this awesome alternative space where autonomous self publishing bypasses all of societies bullshit that aims to keep us isolated.

      That can be the magic of zines.

      You can not expect to make a decision like this and not have people fight back. This isn't some throwaway decision you've made. This is sending a message that not only the voices of trans women, but the voices of other marginalized voices and their self published media, do not matter to you.That's what your decision is communicating.

      Is that what you mean ?

      We demand you include Bitch Please Trans Woman Distro.

      Find a table now

    • Cleo Gardiner SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA
      • over 1 year ago

      Zine culture is all about challenging dominant discourses and it has historically provided a voice to marginalised or "othered" peoples. When did zines become so mainstream?


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