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Secretary of the Interior
Sally Jewell
Chief, Division of Wild Horses and Burros
Joan Guilfoyle


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      YEA! - Youths' Equine Alliance

Captive wild horses and burros are forced to stand in the snow without shelter. This summer they endured record heat. Winter or summer, they have no relief. They need your help. (Photo by Cat Kindsfather) 

Sally Jewell, Secretary of the Interior
Joan Guilfoyle, Chief, Division of Wild Horses and Burros
We support the GIMME SHELTER campaign to provide shelter to the wild horses and burros being held in short- and long-term holding facilities throughout the West. We want our names and comments on the record.

No person or organization should be allowed to treat animals inhumanely. The government should be held to the same standard as its citizens in regards to humane treatment of animals.

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    1. Jane Velez-Mitchell covers conditions at holding facilities

    2. Reno News covers conditions at the facility

      Concerns Over Conditions at Palomino Valley Wild Horse Center

      For years we've seen Nevada's wild horses chased by helicopters, rounded up and forced into captivity. It began in 1971, when Congress directed the Secretary of the Interior to "protect and manage" them. Post-roundup, the horses are taken to holding facilities like the one 25 miles north of Reno, the BLM's Palomino Valley National Wild Horse and Burro Center.

    3. Reached 17,500 signatures
    4. Thanks to a Friend of the Horses: Monika Courtney

      "It is not rocket science to erect shade structures. It is setting priorities and respecting these animals as more than collected wares. The lack of federal guidelines pertaining to animal welfare for horses in holding is a disgrace and must be fixed. "
      Monika Courtney, Wild Horse Advocate

      Many thanks to Monika Courtney for her countless contributions behind the scenes and for being a catalyst for this campaign, an Independent Wild Horse Advocate, and inspiring us to help raise awareness of this urgent campaign. To get on Monika's mailing list please email her at TCOURT5096@AOL.COM

    5. Reached 15,000 signatures
    6. Native Wild Horse Protection leads the GIMME SHELTER campaign

      Native Wild Horse Protection

      GIMME SHELTER~ Petition CHANGE.ORG Thank you, Robin Warren for joining our campaign and creating this great circling of support to see Native Wild HOrses at Palomino Valley Center, Nevada receive...

    7. Reached 1,500 signatures
    8. Reached 25 signatures
    9. Investigative Reporter George Knapp on the crisis at holding facilities

      George Knapp: The BLM is not listening

      Maybe you are one of those hard-bark, Western cowpoke types who doesn't exactly get misty-eyed by the vision of a herd of wild mustangs majestically galloping across the sage-dotted open ranges of...


    Reasons for signing

    • darlene Acree V.C.H. RENO, NV
      • 12 days ago

      FREEDOM Let them be Free,

    • Kris Williams YONCALLA, OR
      • 13 days ago

      Kindness is a karma issue!

    • Jacqueline Marie MORRO BAY, CA
      • 13 days ago

      Inhumane treatment of America's wild horses.

    • Joanne Wade BAYWOOD-LOS OSOS, CA
      • 14 days ago

      BLM needs to provide adequate shelter for all incarcerated Wild Horses & Burros! They need shade, wind protection during severe cold Winter Months! Stop the inhumane Helicopter Round Ups! I have seen videos of Wild Horses & Burros being abused physically from Helicopter skids hitting a Wild Horse and also happened to a Burro! BLM should provide more than one watering trough for multitudes of Wild Horses! Why are there more Wild Horses held in captivity in BLM's corraled holding centers than allowed to be "Free" on our Public Lands? Why is the BLM violating laws; ie: The Burns Amendment and the "1971 Wild Horses & Burros Act" ?

      The Wild Horses are overcrowded in those Holding Facilities managed by the BLM. Why did Wyoming's Wild Horses from Prior Mountains exterminated when sold to a Canadian Slaughterhouse?

    • melissa wall GLENDALE, CA
      • 19 days ago

      Horses should be treated like disposable. Horses are proof that god exsists


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